Found Inside One Treasure
Belongs to Bundle

No pricing data is available for this item. This can be due to multiple reasons, including a lack of listings and whether the item is tradeable or not. Historical listings older than 7 days are also not shown.

No usage data is available for this item. Valve only reports Hero-wearable cosmetics which means we are unable to track usage data for global and other non-hero cosmetics items. Usage data may also be missing from cosmetics which are very rarely equipped, if at all.

아이템 정보
크로나이트 팔찌
Icon for Chronite Bracers

얼굴없는 전사가 적의 공격을 예측할 수 있는 이유는 바로 크로나이트가 박힌 이 팔찌 덕분인 걸로 보입니다.

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