Found Inside One Treasure

No pricing data is available for this item. This can be due to multiple reasons, including a lack of listings and whether the item is tradeable or not. Historical listings older than 7 days are also not shown.

No usage data is available for this item. Valve only reports Hero-wearable cosmetics which means we are unable to track usage data for global and other non-hero cosmetics items. Usage data may also be missing from cosmetics which are very rarely equipped, if at all.

아이템 정보
굴림아귀 지배자
Icon for Rollermawster

그가 굴림아귀를 만들었을 때 사람들은 그가 미쳤다고 했습니다. 그런 기계는 조종할 수 없다며 숙덕거렸지만 지금 득의양양한 미소를 짓는 건 과연 누구일까요?

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