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General DiscussionIm so done with this account.

Im so done with this account. in General Discussion
Road to herald

    Stucked here for a long time. Always lose.

    always 2600-2900+ mmr.

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    Meru Meru

      Create new account to get out of trench!


        Shame on you gaben for not giving this man mmr he deserves.

        Road to herald

          Yeah Gaben wants me to lose my games always. Fuck


            maybe u try changing into anime waifu/naruto avatar to moralize team even more

            Road to herald


              This is my other account still archon and have low prio due to trashtalking my team because im tilted.

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              Road to herald

                Ill try to have PMA and play more calm after my low prio.

                Blood Prince.



                    Kowareta thinks you're brain damaged; I agree


                      ec I was being serious. Give you a divine account I have collecting dust for your inventory. It is a good deal. 10k behavior score fresh start to ruin divine games just for some cosmetics that dont even matter ;p

                      Road to herald


                        this is my new created account. Spamming my best heroes huskar and qop until 100 hours. Still normal skill why


                          How old are you and what is your lvl of education?