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    Techies only

      Good old dotka times :)

      13 years Roblox Veteran

        I played it once, took a few minutes to buy a magic wand in the store. Never again


          I remember the most annoying for me was looking for a game. And that feeling when you are the best in game and host decided to quit a game. SHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT


            There was a bug with ancor smash and battlefury making it proc 100%


              good old days


                Switch was the worst mode ever. I don't how it became one of the default must-have modes. I hosted games with "NO SWITCH" in the game name and people were like "wtf, why no switch? Switch on pls".

                With switch, when my team is winning, the enemy team will always go "switch pls, make it fair". Then when they get the most farmed carry from our team and start winning, it's fair. If they're losing, it's not fair. When they're winning, it's totally fair.

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                  Remember Pudge used to summon Carrion flies ( nyx nyx nyx ), Nightstalker had Sandkings Ulti and most importantly Razor had a passive Ulti that damages at random times. Woah, Good old times

                  Don't Mention the War

                    I remember PA was a decent pick back in the original Dota because she was practically invisible with her blur and the only thing that gave her away was the slightly bigger red numbers that appeared above her when she got a critical hit off. Blur literally made her hard to see, but now she's a flashy firework and when she gets that crit off, EVERYONES gonna know about it.


                      ^turning off the shadows made it impossible to see her at all (otherwise she was a dark blob on the ground).


                        there was no cool down on HoT so Axe with two heart was literally invulnerable


                          oh and aghanim build was the same as octarine. a waste of money on non-intelligent heroes


                            but the most amazing thing about dota1 was destroying the fountain. best troll in the game funny thing is you could get lifesteal of it


                              host pidr!!!!!

                              Yoshida Saki 行方不明

                                I always played HLW hoping my favorite hero was in that server i joined. And yes the delay is so frustrating in dota, you have to predict everything. I tought it was just my old pc that was doing that.


                                  i play since 2005 6.11


                                    You forgot to mention, that the one who bought a courier had to give a control over his units for his team in order to make it work. And there was a button that randomized a courier into one of the animal creeps - we are paying for this stuff also atm.


                                      Yeah, there was a lot of crazy stuff.

                                      Super tanky Visage with an army of birds which got turned into a weird kind of tank/carry Visage still with an army but who would heal and gain damage for every unit that died around him, which got switched again for the current Visage.

                                      Nyx with the permanent weaker Blade mail for melees meant that you either picked a range hero or you were fucked, because a blade mail back then worked the same as his passive and they totally stacked.

                                      I think Ursa couldn't even build Basher back then without screwing up his passive, same for Weaver.

                                      And there were tons of heroes which shared a spell. Viper and Razor both had a MoM's madness without the lifesteal as a skill, I think there were like 3 heroes with Chain Lightning, Lich and CM both had Frost Nova, etc.


                                        gj commended


                                          And also "Nerubian weaver"s ghosts that could run around invis and give vision. Those days...


                                            "-roll" is the best thing ive ever heard


                                              "-roll" is the best thing ive ever heard


                                                -roll must be implemented in doto

                                                Adra (Hiatus)

                                                  Good old days, there were so many absolutely random oddities in the game and that was part of what made me get onto dota. Nowadays I stay for the competitive side, back then it was hard to even find out there were people playing competitively.

                                                  And yeah totally concur that -switchon was dumb as f***. Once the enemy team had someone leaving the game, they'd start begging nonstop for your carry to switch over, and if it didn't they started flaming you for being a "pu55y" who wanted "unfair games". Needing to actually search for dota lobbies is another thing I do NOT miss. No matchmaking meant that you got about 1 fair game for every 100. Most of the time there was someone so obviously more skilled than the rest.

                                                  NERFING CHEN? WTF YOU ON

                                                    Thanks for taking me back, good old times! Pit used to be one of my favorite heroes! :)


                                                      aahh good days, they were. Despite of all the issue and difficulties you mentioned, DOTA was best game of its time. I remember I was introduced to DOTA when I was in 9th grade and I failed in 9th grade because of too much DOTA, and now I'm an engineer and I still play DOTA2, that's how addictive it is. Thanks icefrog and thanks old DOTO.

                                                      Sticky Fingers

                                                        and i still use f1 while waiting for regen got habituated to it :D


                                                          "Space Cow" is a pretty weird nickname for Spirit Breaker, since he has nothing to do with space - until you learn that he uses the same model as Astral Trekker, an old, absurdly powerful Hero. He could keep people immobile for 15 seconds while enjoying 80 seconds of near-invulnerability. I swear, playing as old Heroes makes me think that they went out of their way to make the game as unbalanced as hell.


                                                            > if you've played the early versions of Team Fortress 2 where Medic could Uber two targets switching between them fast enough, you can grasp roughly one third of the frustration the players experienced.

                                                            You can still do that--it's called flashing--but your uber drains twice as fast.

                                                            Radio Free Zerg

                                                              For those who still think battlefury cause anchor smash to bug out - It did not. It just happened to have the same attack animation with anchor smash.

                                                              Radio Free Zerg

                                                                For those who still think battlefury cause anchor smash to bug out - It did not. It just happened to have the same attack animation with anchor smash.


                                                                  The idea of switch was that when 2 players from the losing team leave, one player from the winning team can switch. That's why it became popular. The abuse followed afterwards and ruined it for everyone :(

                                                                  RETURN OF THE MACK

                                                                    Great article, was fun. Never played the first DotA, but it seems like it was a little bit more complicated and unbalanced as the 2nd DotA.

                                                                    Adra (Hiatus)

                                                                      Switching if 2 people on the losing team left is still bullshit. Memories of my team playing perfectly and then our super-fed spectre/medusa switching over just to appease whiny noobs

                                                                      Knight King

                                                                        damn looking back at this , dota came a long way now

                                                                        lm ao

                                                                          GAMBLER <3

                                                                          old STORM SPIRIT </3

                                                                          Capitaine Gressin

                                                                            how do i get wood ?


                                                                              tinker bkb and could refresh allies items


                                                                                Pretty sure it was quelling blade that changed attack animations.


                                                                                  Old Ezalor was nice with his previous ultimate! Love that army of priests.


                                                                                    There are some false statements in the first section entitled "Warcraft 3".
                                                                                    You could very well change any hotkeys for not only your spells but also your inventory. (That's why I am still using completely different keys than probably most Dota players - QWER doesn't even exist for me).
                                                                                    Moreover, you only had that delay when you were playing via Battlenet. Dotalicious-gaming was by far the best place to experience Dota 1. No delay, no lags and there was the option to reconnect a game for the first time ever. (Plus tons of statistics that would really go into depth - much like dotabuff, just that it was implied on the site).

                                                                                    Apart from that, it is always a pleasure to read these threads. #Nostalgia

                                                                                    waiting on no one

                                                                                      God.. Panda Spirit... 8 years played dota.. Dat times..

                                                                                      [2] JumanJI

                                                                                        That feeling when you can't click Riki or Slark..
                                                                                        Those great days when fighting 3v1 was considered unfair and rat doto was punished by ban..
                                                                                        That moment when enemy accuses you of using maphack cuz there is no way you had wards there..


                                                                                          omg... the throwback!!

                                                                                          nice old dota times <3

                                                                                          Team player

                                                                                            cent ult 35 bonus str passive :D

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                                                                                              Enchantress had Impetus(ult) at lvl 1.Its like laning against 2 silencers:) Only she could stop me abusung other stuff at local games back then. Or 4 blademails ... Like 120% return dmg passive


                                                                                                eul was a part of hex
                                                                                                blink wasn't cancelled by an attack
                                                                                                buyback had no cd
                                                                                                old passive blademail
                                                                                                old weaver's ghosts and dark seer's shield was like WTF WTF??? with newbies


                                                                                                  omggg weaver, patrol river with watcher, u nob!


                                                                                                    YOU FORGOT THE TROLLS HIDING YOUR ITEMS WHEN YOU DONT PUT IT INSIDE YOUR CIRCLE OF POWER. HAHAHAHAHA