DPC Week Five: First RelegationsBy KawaiiSocks on

The Major cancellation news hit hard, but at least we still have some DPC games until the end of the season to keep us company. Most regions are also at least partially decided when it comes to relegations and this is going to be the focus of this week’s overview.

Is Mars the Pudge of the Pro Scene?By Duality on

If you’ve played Dota for any amount of time, chances are you’ve had “The Pudge Experience”. Despite spending several years in a nearly unpickable state, Pudge has routinely maintained one of the highest pick rates in the game. Obviously the hero is iconic and fun to play but Dota is not a fun game when losing so the real question is; why pick a hero that actively makes it harder to win?

DPC Week Four: Back from the BreakBy KawaiiSocks on

After an extended break the DPC is finally firing on all cylinders once again. Week four had a couple of really unexpected results and is showcasing how unpredictable the Chinese region can be this time around.

최고 매치 당 처치이번 주
What Should We Expect from Chinese DPC?By KawaiiSocks on

China is the last region to start their Division One Tour and with the recent Huya Winter Invitation we got a glimpse of what the meta in the league is going to look like. There are certainly a lot of meta staples, but a couple of rather interesting surprises as well.

DPC Week Three: How the Mighty Have FallenBy KawaiiSocks on

The third week of this DPC season is over, mostly going as predicted. There were a couple of surprises along the way and some glimmer of hope for unexpectedly underperforming teams, so that’s what we are going to concentrate on today.

Stop Underestimating Non-Rightclicking CarriesBy KawaiiSocks on

When someone says “position once carry” most players immediately assume something along the lines of Phantom Assassin: right-click heavy, late-game oriented character with a lot of physical damage coming from right-clicks. Some might also consider heroes like Outworld Destroyer or, depending on the patch, Silencer, with their pure damage attack modifiers. However, very few players will think of heroes like Leshrac or Pugna and that’s something we would like to talk about.

DPC Week Two: Still Discovering the Meta?By KawaiiSocks on

One good thing about Dota is that even when it technically stays the same for a prolonged period of time, players will still find ways of surprising their opponents. We are not sure whether this is what is allowing many younger, less experienced, and more experimental teams to overcome the veteran opposition in the regional leagues, but from a viewer’s perspective, Dota is still really enjoyable and really diverse.

Heroes Who Could Use a ReworkBy Duality on

We talked recently about the power level of incoming new heroes and their impact on the game. Many of Dota’s original heroes have evolved with the game and been rebalanced or reworked to fit into 2021 Dota. Icefrog and crew have used talents, the Aghanim’s items and the occasional skil rework to breathe new life into many classic heroes. However, many heroes have struggled to adapt to capitalize on new items and a more mobility focused playstyle. Here are a couple heroes that could potentially use a bit of that imaginative magic to revamp their role and expand their possibilities in Dota.

DPC Week One: First TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on

The first week of the DPC went almost as expected, with almost being a crucial word. There were several notable upsets, several underperforming rosters, and there is still a lot of time to fix mistakes and make up for a bad beginning.

DPC Tour 1 PreviewBy KawaiiSocks on

Going into DPC there are many great storylines we want to keep an eye on; the post-TI10 reshuffle was overall pretty brutal with many unexpected changes. While we won’t know for sure whether they are going to pay off before the teams actually play, it can be quite fun to speculate.

Dealing With MarciBy KawaiiSocks on

Marci started out as one of the strongest heroes in Dota, received some heavy and very deserved nerfs, yet still remains a foe to be reckoned with. Today we are going to look at how one goes about trying to deal with the hero and what weaknesses the hero has.

Introducing: Hero Mastery and a Holiday SaleBy DotabuffTeam on

As 2021 starts to wind down, we here at Dotabuff asked ourselves what better way to celebrate than with a new Dotabuff Plus feature? Our answer: how about a new Dotabuff Plus feature AND a limited-time-only introductory price for Dotabuff Plus!

Are the New Dota Heroes too Versatile?By Duality on

It’s crazy to think that Dota heroes have been consistently developed and released for almost two decades at this point. That is 122 unique opportunities to practice hero design, not to mention the countless patches of tweaking and reworking or the likelihood of many partially developed hero concepts. That is a lot of time to optimize what makes a good hero. It also means there are a lot of other moving pieces to consider when trying to create a hero that will be relevant and unique enough to be interesting.

Let's Theorycraft Some ItemsBy KawaiiSocks on

Dota itemization is a thing of beauty. There are so many different viable options in every game for almost every hero that it can turn into a mini-game of its own. Even the neutral items can sometimes factor into itemization decisions. Because of it, new items are always exciting, so today we would like to theorycraft what could possibly be added or changed in Dota and why.

Attribute Bonus — a Mechanic Long ForgottenBy KawaiiSocks on

One of the more interesting developments for Dota over the last five years is how attributes have more or less made a full circle. After multiple attempts to make primary attributes more meaningful and tie other game mechanics to Strength, Agility and Intelligence, we are now back to the very basics. We are not here to discuss whether this simplicity is beneficial or not, but rather remind players that there is one mechanic that recently made a comeback as a result of this approach that is quite underrated.

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