Heroes Who Need a BuffBy Duality on

Balancing a game with as many moving pieces as Dota has always been a difficult task. There are always heroes who come out of patches much more powerful than most and others that fall behind. By now we are probably familiar with most of the strong heroes after seeing them in every pro tournament as well as our pub games. Here are four heroes that fall on the other end of the spectrum and desperately need some buffs to become relevant again.

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DPS and You: a Primer on Attack SpeedBy KawaiiSocks on

Once again, we are diving deep into the mechanics and theory of Dota. Last week we touched on the subject of Attack Speed and how it affects DPS and today we would like to expand on this topic.

Old Dota 2 Habits You Should UnlearnBy Duality on

Habitual knowledge can be a good thing but in a game that changes as often as Dota does, there are a lot of outdated concepts still being followed. Let’s talk about a few of these old habits that might help us avoid becoming one of those old guys in a rocking chair shouting, “Get out of my lane, ya young whippersnapper!”

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Making Juggernaut and Phantom Assassin Work BetterBy KawaiiSocks on

Phantom Assassin and Juggernaut are two of the most iconic carry heroes in Dota 2. They have been in the game for a very long time, and the latter is often recommended to newer players as the first carry to learn. However, both heroes are currently underperforming in the highest level bracket, and we would like to discuss the reasons behind that.

Tinker is OutdatedBy Kungpaokenny on

For most Dota 2 players, the mention of Tinker’s name usually brings memories of getting bursted by this annoying hero that could never be caught, as he blinks around and refreshes his cooldowns every second. However, the past year has seen Tinker decline in popularity and win rate. Today we are going to discuss why exactly this once fearsome hero is out of meta.

Top Tier Mids in the MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

Identifying top tier mids in the current professional meta is no easy task. Looking at stats from professional games in the current patch, it is clear that many popular picks are heavily underperforming, while more niche ones reign supreme. Today, we are going to concentrate on the latter category: heroes who might not be picked in the first phase in every game, but who have a decidedly above average win rate and popularity.

The Most Overrated Items in DotaBy Duality on

Heroes get most of the attention when patches hit and the meta trends usually follow those buffs and nerfs. Overpowered heroes can be banned however and so it is item changes that usually shape the overall meta due to their consistent presence in every game. Over the last year, reworked items like Monkey King Bar and Abyssal Blade have surged in popularity while formerly popular options fell out of favor. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most overrated items in the game and why these popular purchases are often a huge waste of your precious gold.

Top Tier Carries in the MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

The amount of viable carry heroes is great in the current patch, but there are definitely the ones that stand out above the rest. Today, we are going to look at carries who overperformed in the professional scene.

The Only Pulling Guide You’ll Ever Need By Kungpaokenny on

The way that Dota is being played right now requires 2 players in their individual side lanes to work together in order to come out ahead. One of the best ways to gain an advantage in lane is understanding how to manipulate waves through pulling creeps. Today, we discuss pulling to manage to the lane.

Top Tier Offlaners in the MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

Today, we are going to look at the top tier offlaners in the current patch and the reasons they are so popular and successful. Offlane is historically the role that requires the most flexibility, and this is heavily emphasized in the current patch, with a variety of heroes with very different playstyles.

Personality Traits of a Godlike Dota TeamBy Duality on

We can learn a lot about the game from studying successful pro players, such as those on Team Secret. Today, let's breakdown what characteristics make these players so successful in their respective positions.

Top Tier Supports in the MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

Whenever there is a Tier list, there is always a question of what level of play it is based on. After all, heroes can be more or less powerful, depending on where they are played. That said, we firmly believe that while blindly copying the professional scene meta and builds is not the best idea for pubs, looking at it for inspiration is. Today, we would like to discuss the most popular and successful support heroes of the recent tournaments and figure out why exactly they are good.

Understanding the Purpose of Late Game ItemsBy KawaiiSocks on

In our previous post, we touched on the idea of smart economy distribution. Carries still farming after getting six slots, while their supports are starving for any item is only one part of the problem, however. Today we would like to look at some of the late-game options and discuss when players should get them, from a perspective of a core hero.

Analyzing Game State — Late GameBy KawaiiSocks on

This is the final part of our series dedicated to constructing frameworks for decision-making at different stages of the game. Today we are going to concentrate on the Late Game. Not every game goes late and in most cases, the outcome of the match is decided much earlier. Because of this, many inexperienced players really struggle with making correct choices at this stage. We will not be able to solve the problem outright — this mostly requires in-game experience, but we can help with identifying things to pay extra attention to.

Phoenix is still goodBy Kungpaokenny on

Phoenix has received several nerfs over the last few patches. It has had its base damage, strength and intelligence gain reduced and has received higher cooldowns on its Sun Ray and higher mana cost on its Fire Spirits. Overall, it seems like the hero has been significantly nerfed, but in reality, the hero is still one of the better supports in this slower metagame. in this article, we will explore how to succeed with this support at different points in the game and how this hero can take advantage of this slower metagame.

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