Dota 7.19c First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

Valve continues to release small balance patches and now it is highly unlikely we will see major balance changes until after the upcoming announced Minor qualifiers are over. That said, 7.19c brought enough changes to the game to potentially shake up the meta, at least in pubs.

Weekly Courier: Valve Releases 7.19c, Ranked Role Matchmaking Comes To Dota Plus, and Rosters Finalize Before Lock

This week marked the deadline for rosters before the new Dota season begins. Valve unleashes nerfs on the most popular heroes of the meta, while bringing back Ranked Role Matchmaking, as a Dota Plus feature.

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One week with 7.19bBy KawaiiSocks on

There is still a lot of fun to be had in Dota while we wait for the inevitable “big” post-TI patch. 7.19b addressed the biggest issues of the previous patch, but was overall pretty tame, resulting in a meta that isn’t too different from what we were playing for the last couple of months.

Picking The Right Hero For Your MMR BracketBy eggs on

With The International highlighting the best heroes of the meta, players are rushing to mimic what they saw on the main stage, even if it might not be the best choice for their skill bracket.

Grimstroke—Understanding the HeroBy KawaiiSocks on

New Dota heroes generally follow the same pattern: they are too powerful at release and then start receiving a long series of small nerfs over the course of several months. But Grimstroke has managed to avoid this fate.

Weekly Courier: Dendi and Na'Vi Part Ways, Valve Releases Patch 7.19b, and Post-TI8 Roster Shuffle Begins

One week after TI, players and teams are already making changes to prepare for next season's Dota Pro Circuit.

The International 2018 Aftermath: Ignored HeroesBy KawaiiSocks on

Four heroes remained ignored throughout the whole tournament. Ignored heroes are to be expected even in long tournaments like the International and only four of them is an indicator of a great meta and high levels of diversity, but all of us would definitely be happier if we could claim that in our game every single hero is viable.

The International 2018 Aftermath: Nerfs We Expect to SeeBy KawaiiSocks on

Dust is slowly settling after what many consider to be the best esports event in the history of esports. The International 2018 delivered in all aspects: wide meta, great storylines and, most importantly, some of the most intense and close games we’ve ever seen.

OG Defeat PSG.LGD To Claim The International 2018 ChampionshipBy eggs on

In a gripping series that came down to the wire, OG came back from a 1-2 game deficit to become TI8’s champions. They’ll take home a cool $11.2 million, the largest prize in esports history.

TI8 Main Event: Day 5 RecapBy eggs on

Liquid eliminated Team Secret in an emotional sweep, OG continues their redemption tour to secure a top 2 finish, EG survives the lower bracket and will face the last Chinese hope, PSG.LGD, on the final day. Finally, Valve announced a new hero, Grimstroke, who is now available to play.

TI8 Main Event: Day 4 RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

Three North American teams in top8 is an achievement for the region and a testament to all the hard work and talent that went into making the region so competitive. But today... Today all three would be tested against some of the most decorated teams and players in the history of Dota.

TI8 Main Event: Day 3 RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

Upper bracket grudge match between OG and Evil Geniuses, Resolut1on vs. Iceberg in an elimination match and the two biggest powerhouses of the East and the West meeting in the upper bracket—The International 2018 keeps on delivering.

TI8 Main Event: Day 2 RecapBy eggs on

There were few surprises in another day filled with 2-0 sweeps. Both OG and EG look sharp as they head into their marquee matchup for game 3. Virtus.Pro rebounds after a tough loss against PSG.LGD, and Optic Gaming survives another round.

TI8 Main Event: Day 1 RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

Two upper bracket matches and four bo1 eliminations—the first day of the main event is always brutal, but it never fails to deliver some of the most exciting Dota. Teams are coming out of their groups and for the first time in the tournament we get a chance to see some of the matchups we waited so long for.

Dissecting The International 2018 MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

Trying to understand TI8 Meta is problematic, to say the least. On one hand the game is still incredibly focused on the laning stage. On the other—most teams attempt to deviate in one way or another, trying to slightly outgreed their opponent on one of their lanes.

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