TI8: Day 1 and 2 of The Group StageBy eggs on

After a whirlwind of 80 games in 2 days, it’s not too early to jump to conclusions. Evil Geniuses and VGJ.Storm unexpectedly dominate their groups, while OG teeters on bottoming out of the groups. If you haven’t had time to catch up on all the games, here our picks on what matches to watch.

How To Watch TI8By eggs on

With The International 2018 around the corner, eighteen teams will be competing for a prize pool that's tracking towards $25 million. Here's what you need to know.

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The International 2018 Predictions: HeroesBy KawaiiSocks on

The final part of our prediction series and probably the hardest. With limited information, several game-altering patches since the last international Major and the general meta volatility during the biggest tournament of the year, once again, we are only providing you with our educated guess and reasoning, so feel free to change things if you disagree.

The OpenAI Five Bots Dominates Team Human In Exhibition Match By eggs on

“We predict the probability of winning to be 95%” echoes the OpenAI bots in the opening minutes of the match. This weekend in an exhibition match, the OpenAI Five team dominated five pro level players in an exhibition match.

The International 2018 Predictions: TournamentBy KawaiiSocks on

Tournament predictions are always interesting to analyze. We will be using the previous TI, the last three Majors and The Summit 9 as our reference, however keep in mind that the best we can do is give you an educated guess, so feel free to change things up if you disagree.

The International 2018 Predictions: PlayersBy KawaiiSocks on

When it comes to player predictions, methodology is going to be very similar to how Team Predictions were made, and will frequently be based on the analysis we already did in the previous part. They are probably even harder to guess correctly, but we will try our best to provide you with some reasoning behind our choices.

The International 2018 Predictions: TeamsBy KawaiiSocks on

With roughly two weeks until the International 2018 and no other tournaments left, it is time to do our predictions. Today we are going to focus on the “Teams” tab of the compendium, giving our reasoning behind certain choices.

First Glimpse of The International MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

The Summit 9 was the last tournament before the International 2018 and while it might have lacked international representation, there are still some very interesting developments. More than a month after the China Supermajor, the meta is changing once again.

Phoenix Rises At The SummitBy eggs on

For a hero with long cooldowns and no reliable stuns, Phoenix is doing surprisingly well in a meta that demands heroes to fight early.

Dealing with ClinkzBy KawaiiSocks on

It seems only recently we were asking a question of “Why does no one play Clinkz?” and… we are sorry. In an attempt to make the hero more viable in the professional scene, Valve has created one of the most powerful pubstompers in the game, who is currently terrorizing matches of all skill levels.

Losing Gracefully In DotaBy eggs on

Is it possible to enjoy losing in Dota? It’s bound to happen about half the time. From low priority games to behavior scores, Valve has tried various approaches to the occasional, frustrating consequences from playing a game of Dota.

Supports to try out—SilencerBy KawaiiSocks on

Silencer went under the radar of most players, despite a series of buffs starting in 7.13b. This hero suffers from the lack of identity, with community divided on whether he should be played as a support or as a core. While we do not have the statistics for exact distribution of support or core Silencer, we know that he is least successful when played mid and most successful when played in the offlane, probably as a position four support.

Fortbuff: A New World Awaits!By Mogwai on

While Fortnite may not have too much in common with Dota, both games have sneaky fish assassins hoping to score some easy kills on unsuspecting players.

Bonus Heroes—Does This Feature Belong In Dota?By KawaiiSocks on

Bonus heroes is a controversial feature, especially in ranked games. It is decent as a system that replaced true random heroes in competitive matchmaking, but no one really knows why it was in the game in the first place.

Does Lone Druid Need A Buff?By eggs on

With the last major patch out before TI8, it seems that there will be less hope for Lone Druid, who is picked 2nd to last and has the lowest win rate across all pubs.

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