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Hassam II

    WD out of the game, SK facet 1 back in the game


      So support brained. Dark willow from 51% to 49% "pretty bad spot right now", Tinker from 46% to 41% "welcome"
      Just lobotomise him into another indistinguishable hero like Techies - but we may as well add Arc Warden to that, and OD, and PL, and Brood, and Meepo, and Huskar... once we have 100 or so copies of 5 bland template heroes for each role, maybe then the game will be fun!

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        dota ResidentSleeper


          I’d pick brood here


            @fishcakes no disagreement on your assessment of me) Very much a support player and a Tinker hater. A very proud one.

            Disagree with you exaggeration regarding Techies, Arc, Tinker, Huskar etc. becoming bland or heroes merging into templates. You can have well designed heroes who are unique, annoying and frustrating, but also feel fair. Previous version of Tinker wasn't it. I think the current design is a step in the right direction, as homing missiles from the treeline off-screen were largely non-interactive, unless you had a dedicated Tinker counter. Hard to control bans in Pubs as well.

            New Tinker is as unique as the old one and pre-nerf he was possibly even stronger than the old one, it just took players a while to figure it out and only the best managed to get it there, mostly in TI qualifiers, where the hero looked downright broken.

            I think TA getting barrier HP on refraction is closer to what you are referring to as "lobotomisation", where a hero gets their weakness covered up in a very inelegant manner. When there are less pronounced weaknesses for the hero, yeah, the game gets less deep. Same with Mega Meepo. Has nothing to do with win rate, both TA and Meepo only got stronger because of their "lobotomisation" and Tinker, arguably, also only got stronger on 7.36 release.

            In that sense, yeah, I agree with you. Refraction shouldn't have HP and Mega Meepo shouldn't be a thing. Similarly, Tinker shouldn't have a strong dispel on Matrix AND a ~40s cooldown BKB to use right after, as, once again, this covers his main weakness — getting caught. The heroes were very much stripped of their main weakness to exploit from a support position, making them feel a lot more generic hence Tinker getting this nerf is "welcome".


              I think the ones responsible for balancing should be fired immediately, and at best deemed to homeless wandering around the streets.


                I cant believe they didnt touch Phoenix, AOE damage still strong


                  I cant believe they didn't touch Phoenix, AOE damage still strong


                    I cant believe they didn't touch Phoenix, AOE damage still strong


                      I cannot see why the nerf pudge? He is banned or picked and ban every game…no chance to pick him and play with it

                      sea = garbage

                        Sf max no. of souls should scale with one of his basic abilities so that he doesn’t become broken af after like more than 5 creep waves, now he hits and nukes u too damn hard and makes the mid lane matchup too difficult


                          idk why they touch willow atm


                            Dude how can you be happy with this patch? Low winrate heroes nerfed, yet arc warden that has 55% win in every rank untouched... Very fair

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                            Charlie Adelson

                              Just gonna let y'all know sange & Kaya now increases Medusa's EHP from mana by 33%


                                Yasha and Kaya на шторма в голос конечно, когда просто с санджой лучше взять, что бы урезать манакост на спеллы))
                                Сф как убивал всех на миду так и убивает, коня не нерфели, тини всех уничтожает, 100 радиус у вд даже не заметите, акс с бм-ом до сих пор имба, дб с аганимом вообще тоже угарчик с холи-локитом, у ембера слишком много урона от дабл тычки от второго , бессмертный урса(практически), так можно долго перечислять это так самых имб выделил
                                Главное, что тинкера в очередной раз в корзину с мусором бросили