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      deleting shaman from the game gives me a peace of mind

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      it's MuzAAAAAN!



          they better just delete ww from the game

          o`hanra hanrahan

            Dazzle and Lich are some of my most played heros, i would love to see them get a buff. Then again WW deserves it more then any. So does Snapfire i think.

            Brünk Hüll

              I'm just chiming in on the Snapfire point:

              My favorite hero designs are the ones that s u c k. Not completely, obviously, but just in ways that make SOMETHING feel hard to do well. Furion and Muerta being int heroes, any hero with an arguably crap spell (enigma, kotl, lich have all seen better days for example), or glass cannons.

              I love that Snap can't be effective with every spell all the time. More of this kind of design please.


                What if the Lich, instead of draining mana, reduced the cooldown of his Skills? So during E his other skills would be reduced for the duration of E (not counting e for cooldown reduction) and would increase the enemy's cooldown by the duration of E as well. This would make the lich a better farmer (I expect it would work on creeps) and AGS to be an even more disruptive ability.

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                    fuck all of you


                      Lich just need sacrifice back.


                        Dazzle is exceptionally underpowered? LOL. Guess you've only met inexperienced Dazzle players.


                          "Underpowered as a support". Core Dazzle can be bonkers, but as a support the hero is strictly worse off than the previous version, that had passive Cooldown Reduction as ultimate. Health Cost form juju is very prohibitive unless you have sustain and you don't get to use Greaves every 20 seconds in fights, like you used to.

                          Dazzle is a hero I've climbed to top4000 EU Immortal back in the day and still have 56%+ win rate with, so for me it is a bit personal) That said, it could be the case that I am not being adaptable and flexible enough.


                            Crystal maiden can suck Lich icy balls ^^' Sinister Gaze + Scepter = mass hypno on whole enemy team

                            also CM scales better? infinte bounce ult + second ult on death? Bitch plz

                            Boat Anchor

                              Jasiuuu… looking at your record… and Kawaii’s…

                              You might need to simmer a bit there 🤣

                              Жыбий рыр

                                Huh, Lich is the weak support? I don't think so) He's very good laner: 1st ability - low cd, high dmg and good slow; 2nd - good slow and also dmg. On the 2nd lvl he's able to slow by 20% enemy target for 9s and total dmg around 300. He looks good on each game stage and have various specter for item build. There's even dmg build vith khanda and etherial b. Btw u could check meta page on strats, wr ~52% for the large period


                                  Оракл и Дизраптор определенно лучшие сапы в пабах, думаю стоит обратить на них внимание пока не понерфили


                                    Сказал чувак с 1900 игр выше, верим что у него почти титан ребят? Не думаю, скорее всего купил аккаунт или жестко привязочку сделал , вывод можно не верить не одному слову


                                      I think my 10 year Dotabuff membership is just around the corner.


                                        As a Sky main i got to say hes still a Beast