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    1st? I think
    Edit: that Secret vs VG though. Grand final worthy, or at least until Secret vs EG.

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      2nd :)

      Credo, que delícia

        mad geniuses... ha-ha, why not evil...

        Samwise Gamgee

          Finals will be between secret/eg/og... meepo game was way2ez4og.

          o r a c l e

            "With a pocket strategy like this, Team Secret would've been excoriated for losing, but instead they came out like mad geniuses."
            It seems like the writer first wrote evil geniuses and later realized his mistake in editing


              I hope VG can get into at least TOP3


                Can anyone link me to "a support Tiny played by Pieliedie, who took advantage of a mid lane pull that was hypothesized in r/dota2 months ago" under Secret vs VG game 2.


                  great games today! Looking forward to the final games. Most heroes seems viable now, its pretty great.


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