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    yes one of my mains gets an article, great stuff!

    tired of losing..

      3rd ezz


        Get first blood, GG u r going to rek the game


          right click qop?
          that scales
          mjollnor bloodthorn


            To answer the question: No.


              QoP is for me still very situational in this patch. Unless you get a reliable match up, as said by Socks, getting enough damages in mid game with QoP is sometimes hard, the hero really needs to be played with a good lineup to follow up with her abilities.


                This hero is thin and scary burst damage.


                  I feel like another reason she's making her way back is that if you don't have last pick she doesn't have any atrocious mid match ups that are meta, so she's always going to do alright in her lane.

                  Ugly God

                    Русские на месте?

                    Meyer Lansky

                      Все спортсмены на месте)

                      Mb Tomorrow

                        i play her as 4th sometimes its op


                          Мдя какая имба:D +500 ПТС за 3 дня


                            With right click build and fear talent shes blinking doom in the late game

                            Kename  Fin

                              no, no qop


                                qop can be great 3 pos too u miss that dud