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    Perhaps now that the lockdown is ending and real zoos can reopen Valve will feel like the ingame zoos can be nerfed again as we can get our fix of exotic animals elsewhere




        Or because of the lockdown and decreased human activity animals were reappearing, so when the lock down ends and it goes back to how it was before, those animals will disappear back into the wild, just as how the zoo strategy will be nerfed when lockdown ends.


          Lmao these comments' point of discussion are far beyond my knowledge & expectation.


            I run with the rabbit and hunt with the hounds.
            CdB, the best 2k team in SA.

            Elman Caso

              Todos putos


                I will spam CM till the end of days

                zoo keeper

                  i hate this patch


                    I'm REAL tired of this patch. Every game my team picks a traditional carry into Lycan + another map control hero and we get stomped.

                    Haru yo koi

                      dogshit patch ngl


                        It looks like 7.27 will start of with general changes and make heroes changes later on. I hope it's going to be bigger than 7.26...

                        이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다
                        Bicc Thicc boi

                          Pos 3 Elder titan is the counter to all of these. Don't @ Me.


                            The neutral items that shape this dota 2 needs to include invulnerable states like troll gets st tier 5, if a troll is in your game.
                            If nature's prophet is in your game, the chance of the tier2 item that let's you tp anywhere on the map must be made available to the opposition team to balance it..

                            Next patch should focus on the heroes that cannot outplay death ball 5mans, all heroes should now be on this elite combination so that any match up can face any other match up. Screw the counter pick system

                            Learn to play situational items too based on who you face. Most heroes can do all roles. Apply this to the ones who suffer when they need to play aggressive levelling vs farming style


                              Your TI9 predict sucks

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