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Boomer Plays Dota

    As someone who primarily plays support, I'm surprised he has such a high win rate across brackets. Unlike most pos 5 heroes, he's pretty weak without items. The cold feet stun is easy to avoid by walking away unless AA gets a rod of atos or euls, he has no wave clear until he gets his shard, and his ult is slow and difficult to land. However, he's stronger than most late game once he gets his key items.

    [JornZ] Bangkok

      Void AA best combo


        I'm a position 4 player and find AA annoying to lane against. He's got some good damage output for trading, and a misstep will get you killed by cold feet combo with the carry.


          He's alright I guess.

          Chad Thundercock

            His shard allows him to be played in a very different way. I always played pretty greedy as a support, and the ability to both get easy gold and delaying the game by keeping them from pushing high ground is great.

            AA always had the spells to scale well into later into the game, but his inability to kill waves kept him from getting any items.

            Yasonna Laoly

              AA's shard gave him a really easy method to farm. It's also very good in teamfights.


                Pair AA with WK in lane and you have massive kill potential with cold feet + wraithfire blast.


                  The lvl 6 ult is one of the best power spikes in the game in my opinion ,combine the hero with any stun ability core and it should work very nice.


                    My pos 5 playing buddy absolutely destroys with AA and especially the shard, it's an awesome pick right now!


                      AA was the first ever support I actually learned. Glad to see he's making a comeback


                        Been playing a bit of AA - this is a good general guide to the hero. I would say that stacking camps should be pretty high priority with him, as his slow MS and squishiness makes him a target for easy ganks while warding. Honestly, until he gets shard he needs to play super super safe.