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    Good one!

    Herald Playah

      Recently played grimstroke
      He's just a sitting duck pass 40 min mark not even joking.


        Waiting for article on best supports.


          Most support have low winrate. Grimstroke's winrate of 48.23% is not that bad as you would like to exaggerate. It is no wonder that with the meta shifting towards more elusive heroes like Riki and Puck, we get to see supports being very weak now. In fact, half of all supports in the game is unplayable, like snapfire, shadow demon, keeper, just to name a few. Many supports require good coordination in order to work.

          The introduction of the shards have an immense impact on the utility that cores are now able to provide. This means that in both the mid and late game, the power of supports have fallen off tremendously. Remove the shards, and the winrates of supports will come back.


            grim core is scary tho..


              only when topson plays it lmao I saw a guy epically fail with grimstroke mid on gorgc's steam


                Elusive heroes are trending? No wonder why Lion is also on the rise now.

                Throat singing enjoyer

                  Grimstroke is a midlaner. I have played like 5-6 games of him mid(main+2nd account) and won all of them

                  ketamine addicted twitter...

                    i find it hard to think WD is overrated when hes getting banned in pro games


                      as long as your not getting more pick up obliviously and good placement on team fights this 3 heroes mention can get scaled in the game depends on scenarios and your game itemization. . cheers! KawaiiSocks great article thank you.


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                            I dunno about highest level, at 2k any of these heroes is strong AF


                              10k games and guardian 3? i'm actually inclined to watch one of your replays now.

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                              Pit lord

                                Many pick doctor because he keep the kills with maledict this creata a sense of "I'am a god with Doctor".