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      I was hoping for a bigger patch, but they delivered what I presumed they would. Just some number tinkering. They did take into consideration the "pain points" of the meta, but nerf hammer was quite soft this time around. This smells more like a "pro player" patch than anything else. The nerfs are so slight that this won't change pretty much anything in the trenches I play at. It is interesting to see if these changes will have ripple effects on the pub meta and at what type of a timeframe the effects can be seen. I just hope after a lackluster compendium for TI we get something exciting to care about for Frostivus.

      I don't think there are many players who felt the Battlepass monetization of Dota was all that bad. It was justified in showing the love to the pro scene as some of money went into the TI prize pool, but if they now come up with the cash grab for Frostivus, it will feel quite bad as they have had these things ready for TI already. Sort of stiffiing the players and pro scene to line your own pockets and I have a feeling that it won't go over as well as the battlepass did in previous years.

      But we'll just have to wait and see. I just don't understand why they said "no" to money for the TI... We all play this game for free and we love it, we don't mind showing up with our vallets for the TI.


        I will suugest LoneDruid Helm of the Overlord easy to push and hard to kill its effective i think haha ZOO META is back.


          Time for me to practice Lycan and Chen.


            Here are some further trends we're seeing in the highest MMR pubs:

            Spectre is reigning supreme as carry holding a 55% winrate and being the most picked in that position. We still see a lot of void despite zoo making a return, but he's holding a more balanced winrate of 50%. Weaver and Chaos Knight are currently still seeing quite a bit of play, although both of their winrates are a more reasonable 48%. Muerta and Wraith King are still quite strong at 52% and 57% winrates respectively. Slark, PL, and Naga also seemed to be solid picks in development.

            Mid has completely turned on its head. Lina is now the most picked followed up by Invoker still holding a 54% winrate. We're still seeing a lot of Puck and Necro, although the latter now has dropped to a 44% winrates. Pango still sees a lot of play, yet is still only a 45% winrates hero (borderline ember tier), and OD has now dropped to that as well. QoP, Kunkka, and Zeus are all still reliable picks, and to some degree Primal and Earth Spirit as well, although neither are quite as prevalent.

            While zoo meta is creeping up, not a whole lot changed about the offlane. Centaur and Wraith King as still the two most prominent picks, but Slardar has now joined them. Primal and Kunkka seem to have fallen a bit out of favor here, which could be why they're also seeing less play mid due to less drafting ambiguity. Brewmaster, Legion Commander, and Night Stalker are also proving to be strong picks.

            For soft supports, Grimstroke and Muerta as still very common, although nerfs and meta shifts have dropped their effectiveness substantially. A new contender has come in the form of Nature's Prophet, currently bolstering a 60% winrates, although not finding as much success in other roles. Pugna and Rubick are still here to stay in pub scene, but Willow and Tusk seem to be getting cycled out. We're seeing a lot of success with Gyrocopter, and Tiny after the buffs at 55% and 53% winrates respectively. Bounty Hunter also currently holds a 56% winrates, although heroes of his nature tend to capitalize more on the chaos that comes from people trying to explore a new patch.

            Finally, for hard supports, Treat is still king holding a 53% winrates and seeing twice as many picks as the next hero. AA and Grimstroke are proving substantially weaker, each at a 47% winrate, but Pugna is still holding a 52% winrate. We're seeing Nature's flexed into 5 still, but only holding a 50% winrate here. Chen is absolutely dominant with a 60% winrate despite a lower pick rate, but that's to be expected for a hero of his design; I would expect a lot of people to be trying to learn him for this patch. Gyro is also shining as a position 5, and Phoenix is still a consistent pick, but one of the bigger winners has to be the Lion the people are sleeping on. Getting a simple +75 cast range on Earth Spike has shot his winrate up to 55%, although his popularity didn't seem to increase much.

            There will certainly be more developments in the near future as the dust settles. I have my eyes mostly on mid not only because it's the role I play, but it also seems to be the role that is the deepest in the fog.

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            Elon Tusk

              WildeManBeats should definitely pick brood here.


                I’d pick brood here