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    I'd pick brood here


      Phantom Lancer, PA, BKB Terrorblade etc.


        jesus. this guy needs to work on his grammer.


          imagine correcting someone then writes grammer OmegaLUL


            PL > Huskar


              Viper destroys Huskar.

              Riekano - Mode CCnC prime...

                Necro loses hard to huskar in mid lane


                  Remember that huskars ult purges him so always use vessel after life break is down or it will be useless :)

                  Sian Thosai

                    No mention of applying Break on Huskar?

                    света боби

                      Удалите хускара из игры

                      *Fariz89 - Main Id

                        patch 7.35 bro patch 7.35 bro

                        Portraits of Past

                          Buying solar crest against him to reduce armor won’t work since you can only target allies now!

                          Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                            Author ignored the new Orb of Corrosion (Now applies 20% health restoration reduction)
                            Carry with the new Orb of Corrosion + Mid/Off/Support with Spirit Vessel


                              Break on huskar is very overrated u have to time that break very very good and the oppurtuniy may never come.also Bkb ignores the break. Overpowering him with high Physical Dmg works better in early to mid game

                              Smile everyday

                                Ye i can talk about Huskar in my last game Huskar was 0/3 against Magnus i can talk more, he ruined game. Thx

                                dragazo_ (Hiatus)

                                  Just get an Aviana's Feather and you're good to go!