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    youre HD and TD are pretty low
    good kda tho...


      6 slotted support ogre in a 51 min match.. :-) looks like you had a hard time with your hard carry (WR) who got 2 crit stack for killing one target? FELLOW SAFFER! :-)


        Glimmercape over bkb was a bad decision.

        mountains are merely moun...

          matches like this make me feel pretty worthless

          Bad Intentions

            good spec game, high hd and td but I think you died a little too much there.

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              mountains are merely moun...

                your hero damage is a bit.. low I guess? But you were pushing and assisted with kills, so it's fine I suppose


                  to get the most out of tiny, you might want to get a blink. even though you did a lot of damage to towers your hero damage was lacking, probably due to being kited. 9-2 is not shabby though.

                  Dire Wolf

                    Not much to say, nice game! Can you manta out of hex?


                      bad clinkz build


                        solid voker
                        Edit: yeah id prob go refresh but i needed the extra armor vs the dps void

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                          Nice Slark performance even though you lost. Should build a Refresher Orb though.

                          Big Dick Player

                            What can I say, destroyed the opposition as clinkz, build is pretty good, opposition should've built more armor/armor auras such as vlads, tiny bought MoM vs massive burst damage, not the best choice.


                              Octarine lol , have some troll sense even when mid is game is pretty close , WP


                                You guys lost cause you all were jerking off to fucking mangoes and let antimage farm. GG

                                Player Unknown

                                  two words; elder titan.

                                  that shit is hard to pull off (the ulti) but u prob did, since u guys won. cant be too sure tho :p

                                  girl problems

                                    G: bloodstone dusa best dusa, not really a fan of manta tho

                                    pudge might have done most of the heavy lifting


                                      +25 i guess

                                      Player Unknown

                                        ^^ @full tilt the manta was excellent to evade sb ulti and neutralize jugg ulti and send illusions to push uphill onto techies mines

                                        Bad Intentions

                                          leaver on your team. good hd on undy. i think your team wouldve won if there was no leaver.


                                            Great job on rekting the enemy team, the power of ursa. Oh and there's a feeder on the enemy team i think? cant be so sure.

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                                              That's Numberwang!

                                                sad meepo game, but looks like the team were also to blame to an extent, as well as having a decent draft against you

                                                Vide Cor Meum

                                                  Well that wasn't the hardest game you ever played. You saw your enemies driven before you and heard the Lamentations of the women

                                                  Flayn the Fish Queen

                                                    4 deaths as a support sky. talent right there.


                                                      Looks like your team had a great laning stage and just steamrolled from there
                                                      Also Ember Spirit fed you monkeys

                                                      You did well, didn't feed, got some kills, and just played your part in an annihilation


                                                        All normal skill players need to watch out.... Your wraith knight is bringing the pain


                                                          insane HD, nice kda, look like you success carrying your team


                                                            716 gpm timber GIGIIGIGIGIT FUKKEN REKT!


                                                              Jugg with halberd
                                                              >new meta


                                                                that magnus skilling empower only lvl 2 and 18 with 2 melee carry in his team o/


                                                                  Plant that obs skyrekt mage OwO


                                                                    Positive Kills/Deaths cm
                                                                    literally basedgod

                                                                    Bad Intentions

                                                                      You have 3 DR, not sure wat happened but its a long game, you might ve lost focus and started to tunnel vision to rp?


                                                                        + for dagger instead of SB on Ursa, solid XPM and GPM, personally like to pick up earthshock before lvl10


                                                                          Dual breath is such a good spell. Why not earlier?

                                                                          low hero pool lul

                                                                            Fed like his entire team. Rekt by carry Venga. lol


                                                                              Carried by divine sven...kappa

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                                                                              Bad Intentions

                                                                                aggressive bs, good bs, high hd, good td, helped your team to win.


                                                                                  ^and i thought i was spamming ursa

                                                                                  Bad Intentions

                                                                                    ^yea, spamming ursa in vhs is stressful tho, with all the kiting.

                                                                                    -good pudge, mid? good impact and helped other lanes, really key contributor, should graduate to hs soon.

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                                                                                        Ill do Bad Intentions, since the otherguy deleted his post.

                                                                                        Tiny op

                                                                                        You could have probably gone a bkb if that wasn't such a stomp vs mael WR, voker and lich.
                                                                                        But it was pretty one sided, so doesn't even matter.

                                                                                        Captain Kettensäge

                                                                                          you died very often but got nice lasthits (I cant manage to farm with bs)


                                                                                            You stomped.
                                                                                            I normally don't like battle fury on pa but I have to admit that it worked :#


                                                                                              HO HO HA HA


                                                                                                a nice example of why I dont like NMM


                                                                                                  44K net, level 25, still had midas :( its too hard to let go lol

                                                                                                  Edit - Triple Steal beat me to the comment.
                                                                                                  Played a pivotal role as BH in your game. Lotsagold

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                                                                                                    Looks like a close game. Nice team effort. I can only imagine you stealing a bunch of spells and annoying the other team lol


                                                                                                      Very farmed Skywrath and comeback victory.

                                                                                                      I got a quick level 6 and got good kills on the enemy team early game. Game was close, both sides wiped and wiped and wiped. We took their mid racks, they took top and mid. We got them out of our base, they had diebacks, Invoker got our bottom racks. Then I made the game winning play (as I say so myself ROFL) by lifting Invoker from TPing with 0.1 seconds left back to his base. What a game boys @_@