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General Discussionwhat is the maximum mmr calibration ? 7.07 new patch

what is the maximum mmr calibration ? 7.07 new patch in General Discussion

    and i heard you can re-calibrate how does it work ?

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      give some idea


        Its not active yet. The new ranked season will start in approximately 2 weeks and everyone will recalibrate. Recalibration is apparently based on your previous MMR/Ranking. We don't know any more details really but the way I think it will work is that your old MMR will set the maximum and minimum calibration range for you.

        So if your MMR is low (Lets say 1K) you will be able to calibrate higher, but not too much higher (for example Max of 2K). If you're 2K you might be able to calibrate between 1K and 3K. We don't know the exact ranges but I think it will probably work sort of like that.


          Want sum fuk?


            Its medal and rank , it won't change your actual MMR .

            2eZ 4me

              Wtf calibrate mmr please!!!


                WHY CANT I PLAY RANK?




                    Is mmr still a thing?


                      MMR will not change. You will simply see 2 medals instead of a #. The recalibration is the same as seasonal battlepass calibration... very hard to get a higher rank. This system changes NOTHING other than people wanting to play more due to not being as tilted due to not having quite as much ladder anxiety due to not being able see minute changes in MMR #.

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                      L E O P A D

                        will it be possible to callibrate higher mmr for those fresh acc. like for example i just recently leveled up to exactly 20?

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                          I wonder if the maximum calibration mmr for new account is still 3.5k

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                          TenerGy 05

                            can someone confirm this ? play tbd for new account to find out if we can break through 3.5k

                            Jewish Santa

                              Why? just climb normal if you are good enough, dont be a little shit.


                                I guess it is still just played ranked...
                                Based on opendota
                                1st game vs divines vs some 6k ppl 5.5avg lost
                                2nd 4k where i pwned them so hard
                                3rd 3.5avg
                                4th also and also and also

                                Guess its still max at 3.5


                                  @Kayzer What mmr did you calibrated?


                                    3games left guess it will be 3.5 medal doesnt rly matter to me

                                    PATUNGAN CEBAN

                                      how much your mmr now kayzer?


                                        I did party with exactly 3.500 and legend 1

                                        So yes, if some1 asks you is it still capped at 3.5k yes it is.. GL


                                          herald 1 is the capped.

                                          ANIMAL BRACKET

                                            i new account 35? maximum new account 35?

                                            Smokin Sick Style

                                              Yeah, if you're talking about a new account that has yet to even get it's mmr, it's 3.5K still, thank god, fuck 4K smurfs.

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                                                new accounts still 3.5k maks legend 1 , try in this account


                                                  Actually, MMR is still kept, in a game by game basis. It's interesting to watch MMR change whilest I remain a legend XD.

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                                                    If 3.5 k is max then why get opponent with divine


                                                      because having 5k's recalibrate as 3.5k is plain stupid


                                                        I've got 3.875 here in this acc. So it seems 3500 is not max?


                                                          Are you sure @EMJUKE?


                                                            Yes man @lexeezy


                                                              Ps or it didn't happen


                                                                I have 4,2K in here its not 3.5K max


                                                                  did you recalibrate or is this new?

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                                                                    Bro,i want create new acc, how many games/level i must archieve? And still 3.5 ?,becoz this id, get vhs then the update come and i got hs

                                                                    I'M sO fucKInG baAD


                                                                      ESCALATING ODDS

                                                                        so 3.5k is not the max? so i can calibrate 4k tho in this acc?

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                                                                          ESCALATING ODDS

                                                                            ahh... ok

                                                                            Ain't No Mercy

                                                                              Max calibration medal for new account is 3.5k legend or above? As above comments @Kayzer
                                                                              said 3.5k is max. @EMJUKE v.2 OFF/SUPP. and @キラー
                                                                              said max calibration for new accounts is over 3.5k. So please anyone can explain which is true?

                                                                              DEXTER (AFK)

                                                                                It's true the maximum calibration is not 3.5k cuz I got 4.5 on my new account created after 7.07 patch

                                                                                Ain't No Mercy

                                                                                  @SMALL CHILD, Can you please show me your new acc dotabuff link?

                                                                                  E Z E K I E L [G]

                                                                                    How many games before i calibrate in my new account?

                                                                                    E Z E K I E L [G]

                                                                                      Why some of new accounts calibrating even. Its not level 20.


                                                                                        YOU need 25 game for going rank to this new rank system not level 20

                                                                                        E Z E K I E L [G]

                                                                                          realy? just 25 games?

                                                                                          E Z E K I E L [G]

                                                                                            you played 25 games so you can rank now?

                                                                                            E Z E K I E L [G]



                                                                                                the max calibration mmr for new acc is still 3.5 lengend 1

                                                                                                Give and Go

                                                                                                  It says 10 Ranked Calibration Games Remaining i just played 2 ranked games and won and it still says 10 Ranked Calibration Games Remaining... help?

                                                                                                  MID-CARRY-OFF only


                                                                                                    Baby <3

                                                                                                      you need 40 games to play rank lol i think it`s 3.5 max.


                                                                                                        my first calibrate was divine but my second game is all legend wtf!