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General DiscussionWhat if every hero has agh's upgrade? v 2.0

What if every hero has agh's upgrade? v 2.0 in General Discussion
Articulatio Atlantooccipital

    Blabla bored, blabla bla aghanim scepter upgrade

    Arc Warden : Flux, ignore creeps and becomes undispellable (even with bkb, lotus orb, eul, etc)(BKB will keep the debuff but won't damage nor slow the target). Any ability (primarly Spark Wraith) that damage the targeted enemy from Arc Warden will refresh the duration of Flux.

    Broodmother : Insatiable hunger, becomes aura that effects all unit under broodmother control (dominator, necromonicon, etc) in 250 radius around broodmother. (Bonus damage for creeps reduced by 75%)

    Clinkz : Death Pact, decrease mana cost (from 100 to 25) and increase health bonus (from 40/60/80 % to (60/80/100%). Death Pact can also target ancient creeps.

    Dark Willow : Cursed crown, decrease cooldown ( from 18/16/14/12 to 8 second), reduce delay to creeps (from 4 to 2 seconds delay) and causing fear to creeps instead of stunning them. However still stun enemy heroes. (Treats creep heroes as heroes)

    Death Prophet : Silence, amplify damage from death prophet for 50% (from every source of damage by death prophet and her unit) and causing silence to pierce spell immunity.

    Dragon Knight : Dragon tail, causing DK to charge at his enemy for 1000 ms and drastically increase its cast range (from 150 to 800 however will stun the unit when dk reached its original cast range). During elder dragon form, dragon tail also stun nearby hero (within 200 radius) with 50% of the duration.

    Ember Spirit : Flame Guard, purge debuff (basic dispel), undispelleable,and apply blindness to enemy heroes (20% chance miss). Grants secondary ability called Guard Break which replace Flame Guard when activated. Cost 100 mana. Causing Ember Spirit prematurely end his own flame guard however damage nearby enemy based on flame guard absorption bonus by 50% (40/110/180/250 (140/210/280/350 if talent chosen)) and also apply strong dispel to Ember Spirit. This ability also active if Flame Guard broken by enemy hero's magic damage however not active when the duration end.

    Io : Tether, replace its lvl 15 talent (apply agh scepter upgrade to tethered hero). Replace its lvl 15 talent to +300 tether break range

    Lycan : Shapesift, gain cripple to every unit under lycan control and invisibility during nightime to every unit under lycan control. Also causing all lycan unit to gain 1800 vision during night.

    Monkey King : Mischief, can now transform into random non-caster (ogre brute, wildwing, hill troll, etc.)jungle creeps(when inside their respective camp) and lane creeps (apply same rule as courier). Also leaves monkey king illusion with 500% damage taken and 40% damage given until monkey king transform back. Wukong's command, summon randomly placed illusion (damage taken from 100% to 400% and damage given from 0% to 30% from up to 3 illusion (4 if the +1 ring talent chosen)) inside the ring. The illusion immediately dies when the rings end or get outside of the ring.

    Morphling : Adaptive Strike (agility), decrease cooldown when one of the adaptive strike used (from 3 to 1.5 second). If the target enemy is an agility hero, the hero will be muted. If the target is a strength hero, the enemy will be broken (disable passive). If the target is an inteligence hero, the enemy will be silenced. The duration will be based on Morphling's strength. (From 1.5 second to 5 second)

    Pangolier : Shield Crash, gain status resistance based on his damage reduction but reduced by 50% (4.5/6/7.5/9% status resistance) and decrease mana cost (from 90/100/110/120 to 60)

    Phantom Assassin : Gains new ability called Secrets of the Veiled. Toggle ability with 2 second cooldown. Drain PA health by 3% per second (0.5s interval)(counted as hp removal so PA can still blink, urn, salve, etc) however amplify her healing by 50%, gains 75% status resistance and +100 attack speed. Can't suicide by this ability. (When not taking any damage from enemy, Secrets of the Veiled wont disable tarrasque however when tarrasque already disabled, you must deactivate Secrets of the Veiled to reactive tarrasque)

    Slardar : Guardian Sprint, gains unobstructed vision during night and causes any enemy in Slardar's vision for 3 second will be automatically debuffed by Corrosive Haze.

    Spectre : Spectral Dagger, causing any illusion summoned from Spectre (both friendly and enemy illusion) to cast Spectral Dagger immidieatly to nearest enemy (prioritizes enemy heroes) within cast range. If no enemy present nearby illusion, the illusion will cast Spectral Dagger to the direction where Spectre facing. This ability also apply to Haunt.

    Templar Assassin : Meld, increase attack range during meld and also apply trap debuff based on how long TA on meld. (Attack range increased by 500)

    Terrorblade : Reflection, spawn uncontrolable terrorblade illusion to every enemy hero (400% damage taken and 50% damage dealt) and increase the radius from 900 to 1200

    Tiny : Tree grab, increase tree attack count (from 5 to 8), attack damage as area damage (from 30/40/50/60% to 100%) and decrease mana cost ( from 20/30/40/50 to 0). Tree throw consume 4 charge of tree attack count instead of consuming all tree attack count but with 12 second (5 second if -7 tree grab talent taken).

    Troll Warlord : Fervor, can be activated. Causing every stack of fervor that troll currently has depleted, but on the next hit troll will deal damage based on how many stacks depleted (from attack speed into damage). When used on melee, the enemy will be stunned based on current level berseker rage stun. When used on ranged, the enemy will be slowed based on current level whirling axe (ranged) slow (if more than 5 stack depleted). Cost 50 mana and has 7 second cooldown.

    In addition, Other heroes aghanim buff include

    Rubick : Spell Steal, also upgrade the stolen ability based on the enemy talent tree (such as Enfeeble steals damage, -65 second Primal Split etc.)

    Meepo : Divided We Stand, Copies non aura passive item stats as well. Several active item will also be copied however the active component will be disabled. Also won't copy debuff placer (Such as desolator, maelstorm etc.) however the damage do transfered. (Use the same rule for Arc Warden (no drop on death item))

    Legion commander : Duel, any enemy or friendly unit who tries to interupts the duel will be disarmed (if using right click), silenced (if using spell), and muted (if using item).
    (This upgrade mostly benefits rubick, lmao)

    Brewmaster : Copies all item to brewling. The Earth brewling will be given aura item. The Storm brewling will be given active item (Manta Style can be used however will not generate any illusion wasting cooldown and mana cost). The Fire brewling will be given passive item (Debuff placer included)(Treats Mjollnir, Moon Shard, and Abbysal Blade as passive item). If Earth dies, then the item will be given to Storm then Fire. If storm dies, the item will be given to Earth then Fire. If the Fire dies then the item will be given to Earth then Storm. (Use the same rule as Arc Warden (no drop on death item)).

    Ursa : Enrage, can also be casted when silenced and causing ursa to gain 50% status ressistance.

    Dark seer : Wall of Replica, if the enemy hero is dead while the illusion of that hero still lived, the illusion of the dead hero will be healed and have their duration removed until they dies or the enemy hero respawn (this include respawning by reincarnation and buyback)

    Kunkka : Ghostship, apply Bad Rum debuff. Causing the enemy takes 25 % less damage. However after the duration of the debuff ends, they will take damage 50% extra damage. (So for example you give 100 damage to an enemy. Only 75 damage taken to the enemy during the duration. After the duration, the enemy will take 50 damage more. Much like the reverse of the Rum buff)

    Vengeful Spirit : Vengeance Aura, active her 3rd ability when she dies called Spirit of Vengeance. When activated, Vengeful Spirit will swap her death body illusion into friendly heroes illusion who also dies under the effect of Vengeance Aura. (For example both Vengeful Spirit and friendly Anti Mage died. Vengeful illusion can swap her body into Anti Mage maintaing all of his ability, item and passive except ultimate. Also the Anti Mage illusion can't use his item). Also the illusion will be bound to the hero who have been spawned instead of Vengeful Spirit herself.

    Lich : Chain Frost, every 3rd bounce, chain frost will trigger Frost Blast. Also slow turn rate by 50%

    Lina : Laguna Blade, increase damage based on how much Fiery Soul stack (100/200/300 bonus damage based on how much stack before Laguna Blade spelled not after spelled)

    Jakiro : Macropyre, apply Liquid Fire debugf when standing inside macropyre for 4 seconds.

    Bristleback : Vicious Nasal Goo, causing it to gain true sight after 3rd stack and increase projectile speed from 1000 to 1500.

    Invoker : pick one of these ability to be upgraded (only one can be upgraded permanently. Selling will de-upgrade the ability and re-buying it will only upgrade the same ability picked before) (also rename them for cooler effect)
    - Cold Snap : Protracted Prisson, amplify invoker damage by 25%
    - Ghost Walk : Hinder-Ghast, increase debuff lingers from 2 second into 4 second.
    -Ice Wall : Killing Wall, add another wall crosses the initial wall (crate + shaped wall)
    - EMP : Malevolent Perturbation, slow the enemy affected by this spell by 100%/75%/50%/25% for 4 second.
    - Tornado : Tornarus's Claw, double the tornado speed. Also damage spell immune unit and add attack speed slow (by 25%)
    - Alacrity : Mandate of Impetuous Strife, increase damage when attacking building (by 50%) and increase damage when applied to forge spirit (by 35%).
    - Sunstrike : Incantation of Incineration, ignore creep (damage to creep seperated) and increase damage by 62.5 (600 at max level). Catacylsm, change min. distance into 140 and max. distance to 200.
    - Forge Spirit : The Cunning Fabrication, add another forge spirit.
    - Chaos Meteor : Descent of Fire, stun enemy heroes for 1.3 second on meteor impact.
    - Deafening Blast : Aureal Incapatitaor, will adapt to its target. Silence inteligence heroes, disarm agility heroes and break strength heroes.

    Also, Aghanim of these hero quite ignored. So how about changing them as well?

    Sven : Warcry, becoming global radius apply strong dispel to sven and every other friendly heroes within 700 radius. Basic dispel also applied to the enemy within 700 radius.

    Outworld Devourer : Astral Imprisonment, apply inteligence steal (1/3/4/7 stolen inteligence for 120 (210 if talent tree chosen) second). (If you notice its actually arcane orb increased by 1.5 duration and inteligence stolen)

    Tidehunter : Ancor Smash, steals the damage from enemy heroes. (And i will watch how Tidehunter carries spread)

    Riki : Smoke Screen, appliable to wards (Healing Ward, Observer Ward vision, etc.) and building (doesn't effect ancient and fountain). Also causing Riki unable to break his invisibility inside the smoke screen (however still can be seen through true sight). Change his level 25 talent from Cloak and dagger doesn't reveal to 35% cooldown reduction.

    Link to previous aghanim upgrade


      some of them are really op or real useless,but i like the invoker upgrade

      Mr Niceguy

        I comment because this brother put many of his effort to make these masterpiece

        Articulatio Atlantooccipital

          The numbers can be tweaked a little bit, but at least its not that sunsfan aghanimn suggestion like permanent dragon form, or permanent metamorphosis etc.


            There are more games where people can’t finish their shadow blade because they have a claymore in their inventory than games where people build aghs on slark.

            Articulatio Atlantooccipital

              Slark aghanim is more utility build than core build. I'll take that into consideration then

              Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                Doom Aghs Upgrade: Gives doom a new abilty.

                Cast a demonic curse on a single hero. After 5 seconds, it deals heavy damage on the target. Damage depends on what level Doom is.

                Cast range: 1800
                Damage: 1000/1500/2000
                CD: 40


                  2000 damage nuke... Gambler levels of broken. SeemsGood


                    Better make it like diablo ult from hots,spawn a small circle that will explode after 3 sec at enemy hero. The explosion will stun enemy for 1/1.6/2 and damage them for 400/500/600 pure dmg with a 120 sec cd. The level is based on doom lvl.

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                    Crazy OverDrive

                      agha for doom should return his old skill LVL?Death

                      gorp the jungle

                        ^ just remembered that skill once were exist

                        Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                          Interesting upgrade @ayase i remember his aghanim is much like Donald Trump thoughts (Sounds good, doesn't work). Will keep that in mind

                          Edit : on the second thought we might broke the game. Since doom already have 6 slot of ability for his devoured creep. So we need to change one of the other 3 or just buff Doom's ultimate

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                            The heroes who need a rework on their aghs are Beast Master, Spirit Breaker, and Elder Titan.

                            이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다

                              Lol beastmaster aghs. Increased cast range on a hero for whom blink dagger is core for initiation. Oh and a 25 second shorter cooldown leaving it at a Still single cast per teamfight level of once per 45 seconds.

                              It should just make his call of the wild thing summon an ancient monster.


                                Lvl?Death fit Doom so well. That isn't to say that Infernal Blade is bad, but Lvl?Death gave Doom something to cancel a Linken's. Currently, he has to buy an item to do that... or consume mud golem/purge creep.

                                Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                  It should just make his call of the wild thing summon an ancient monster.

                                  Beastmaster Aghs upgrade: Add a new sub skill: Ancient Monster

                                  Beastmaster can shift himself into a Ancient Monster, healing him by 100%, increasing his overall strength, unobstrucred vision (1800/1800), as well as giving him 2 new passive abilities. Duration refreshes everytime an enemy hero dies around 800 aoe on the fookin Ancient Monster. After the Ancient Monster expires, beastmaster HP and MP drops to 90%.

                                  Strength bonus: 100
                                  Duration: 20 seconds
                                  Mana cost: 0
                                  Cooldown: 100 seconds

                                  Eye of a Monster:
                                  Legend says that even Roshan can't toe to toe with this monster. Each attack has a 30% chance to disarm an opponent for 2 seconds.

                                  Prescence of the Ancient Monster:
                                  All enemy units 800 aoe around the Ancient Monster reduces their armor by 1 per seconds.

                                  Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                    Interesting upgrade @ayase i remember his aghanim is much like Donald Trump thoughts (Sounds good, doesn't work). Will keep that in mind
                                    Edit : on the second thought we might broke the game. Since doom already have 6 slot of ability for his devoured creep. So we need to change one of the other 3 or just buff Doom's ultimate

                                    Haha. I'm just kidding with that aghs broken. Ofcourse its broken. Its just annoying that when you doom a hero and escapes, it either gets deny, or survive the ordeal.

                                    Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                                      Well that Beastmaster upgrade might be broken as hell due to his wild axe also amplify his damage and how he is literally shadow fiend and dazzle with heaven halberd. But nonetheless pretty unique. I want to create more "Tier 3" aghanim (situational good much like Medusa or anti mage like) not very good like KoTL or Invoker aghs nor unfavorable like sven or ck aghanim.

                                      Also i already updated the aghanim

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                                        I feel slardar aghs should be able to give his teammates the ability to bash while disabling it for himself. So 10% for ranged and 25% for melee

                                        Pos 10

                                          dude has a LOT of free time keep it up hahaha


                                            interesting, try forwarding all your suggestions to a legit feedback for dota2 devs. good job

                                            concerned carrymates

                                              Change lycan aghs to= Summon wolves summon 2 other lycanthrope instead. Shapeshift also changes lycan BAT to 1.4