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Taking so long for RRMM finding? in General Discussion

    Anyone have the same issue? Since monday i have this issue. Normally i get game in 10-15 mins as SafeLane. Now it is taking like 35-45-50 mins. Also un my past 10 games i got A5 players with dota lvl8. Totally ruinners, playing mid getting killed twice and destroying their ítems. What's going on?

    Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

      queue as support and play as support -> problem solved


        Ir still taking so long. Right now i am finding as support and taking like 11. Still no game.


          ya me too, took me 50 mins and even didnt find match (mid) and after that i played support but every games i cant communicate with team cause they dont speak english ! i dont know wtf is going on, i didnt pay 4$ to hear blyat every game :/

          Midnight Special

            RRMM is dead, even my dog knows it


              :( sad actually hope ir get fixed soon!

              joan elise

                Ranked roles is horrible. Nobody plays it, so the mmr spread is insane. I queue support as divine, get everything from legend 3 to immortal in the game.

                That's not really a problem imo, I don't mind playing in a wide skill spectrum. What is pretty bad though is that people actually tend to tilt easier. I think it's because people who pick mid or carry in ranked roles are queuing ranked roles specifically because they get bullied out of carry/mid in normal games and never get to play it, or flamed too much for trying to take someone else's carry. They just don't really seem to know what to do, or they queue into the game intending to play one specific hero regardless of what the picks are. They think "Oh i queued for mid so i can pick my tinker, better first pick it before the enemy does".

                Idk why it is really, but every ranked roles game I do ends from one of the teams tilting in the early laning phase and just giving up. I get a carry who picks luna into axe, doesn't know how to lane as a carry, gives up after the third creep wave and goes to jungle bc she's out of regen, or walks back to base instead of ferrying regen out.

                Simply put, they're just low quality games. I thought ranked roles would mean everyone knows their role well, but it's very much the opposite. I only queue for it when i'm specifically dodging someone in AP ranked queue.