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Kabir singh's bo0ster

    130 gold +6 damage, works on heroes when psi blading off creeps. U can last hit easier in early levels. U don't have to get 2 WB's just get blight stone and then u can kill ranged creep off 2 psi blades after level 5. On Radiant u can cut trees by Ancient camp and stack them up to 10 times instead of only 1-2 times as the spawn box is very short when pulling towards your base and very long to any other side. On Dire cut trees near ancient camp and u can stack hard camp and ancients without using traps, and on dire main jungle if u place 1 trap on medium camp, 1 trap on low ground hard camp, and cut trees towards the last medium camp u can stack the entire jungle in one go. Buy on TA its bery gud damage early, good for farming, and all this tree cutting stuff.

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      whats wrong with 1 wb, qb is p good on the ranged heroes like dusa who cleave so that sounds fine

      Kabir singh's bo0ster



          u say dont buy 2 wb, but whats wrong with buying 1

          Kabir singh's bo0ster

            If u have 1 Wb and blight stone at level 5 u leave the ranged creep at low HP after 2 hits so it can be denied, while if u have 2 wb + blight it dies in 2 hits, same if u have 1 WB + qb + blight stone, so its just a little efficiency thing.


              i mean i was suggesting the latter thing, i see now what u mean


                Why do you bother telling legends this shit. They can't even press buttons properly


                  true bro


                    Personally, i prefer 2 circlets and one slipper into 1 wb and blightstone


                      isn't technically TA a melee hero? does she get the quelling blade bonus?

                      Kabir singh's bo0ster

                        ranged get 6 damage, melee get 13