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General DiscussionIs there any chance i can rank up to immortal with 4k hrs playtime?

Is there any chance i can rank up to immortal with 4k hrs playtime? in General Discussion


    Karolina Protsenko

      Not possible


        prolly if throw away all doto knowledge u have and have some friend wants to spend their time to teach yes is possible


          yes but you need to make a new account and spam 3 heroes.

          v e n z

            being harsh as I am. You're a crusader . you can easily win games by yourself their like 90% most of the time

            yes if you know you're really good lol. there's like a thousand things to know more about dota. you can just carry scrub in ancients / divine if you really know what you're doing. just watch how boosters do it lol.

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            nice impact

              if you can't carry crusader games, you will just feed in immortal bracket since you have no understanding of map rotations / timings / power spikes


                4k hrs playtime crusader 1

                Pentti Köyri [cLch9]

                  Yes. Iv played positions 4/5 since 2k and i have 5,3k games in. I'd imagine you could climb faster by playing pos1-3

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                  Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn

                    One thing to remember is that the DotA community is contently learning and evolving.

                    Lets say the average Immortal has 4k hours of play and you start playing DotA today. By the time you log 4k hours all the other Immortals will still be playing and will now be up to 8k hours.

                    The only way to become Immortal is to learn faster and more efficiently than everyone else currently playing.

                    Can you cram 8k hours of learning into 4k hours to catch up is the question you have to ask yourself. Can you learn twice as fast as the best players? In theory this is possible if you watched videos, hired a coach, constantly focused on improving rather than enjoying the game.

                    This is also the reason why people who are "stuck" at a rank shouldn't feel that bad. Being stuck doesnt mean you arent learning and improving it just means you are learning and improving at the same rate as everyone else.


                      yes being 2k now is like 5k 2 years ago and ti winner 6 years ago
                      specially in NA
                      :axe_laugh: :axe_laugh: :axe_laugh:

                      Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn

                        Don’t think I’d go quite that far, maybe a medal every 2-3 years.

                        So a Guardian now is like a Crusader from 2 years ago and like an Archon/Legend from 6 years ago.

                        THE MOST RIGGED SHIT IVE ...

                          Evolving? I went back to my old mmr from 2 years ago only to find out people are fucking braindead at that level and it felt easier than before. Legends seem to have improved tho

                          Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn

                            You went back to your mmr from 2 years ago and it felt easier than before...

                            I can’t imagine why smurfing felt easy.

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                              dude u are just a braindead archon NA player
                              i dont know why u discuss matters like u have any clue :))
                              just be a good kid and go eat KFC u fat fuck. thats all your government wants you to do

                              braindead is braindead. just because we are in 2021 and u can dress up braindeads prettier doesnt mean they are actually smarter than braindeads in thousand years ago

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                              AD.GokU™ |

                                You are talking to a guy who has 10k+ hours and is still a 3k animal.
                                I don't think hours spend has anything to do with skills.
                                If someone can make midas, scep, vessel on pos 5 AA, and then blame teammates for loss, it's not hard to assume that hours =/= skills. OMEGALUL XD

                                Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn

                                  Of course hours do not directly equal skill. That is why to catch up to the Immortal skill level you'd need to be twice as efficient while learning over the 4k hours. There are some people who are half has efficient or literally 0 efficiently and learn nothing as they play and stay stagnant.

                                  po3 practice



                                      some1 who starts 1st game dota after 4k hours playtime can be a pro as well. it depends how u spend your playtime. if u reflect on mistakes-absorb tactics and find what u prefer as gameplay and heroes then its possible.

                                      THE MOST RIGGED SHIT IVE ...

                                        Who's smurfing, low 4ks are just inbreds

                                        Grandmaster Penpahg D'Ahn

                                          If you go back to your mmr from 2 years ago I sure hope you are smurfing lmfao.