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    I’ve seen multiple np spammers lately, all immortal who just buy meteor hammer and boots of travel and do nothing all game but split push. It’s legit so cancer winning every fight for 30 minutes but still losing the game to a pos 5 prophet. They’re not even playing dota at this point, they don’t join any fights at all. Pls delete this shit

    Saving 4 the Raiden Shogu...

      there are all kinds of strategies in the game why limit dota to only unga bunga fights?


        Complaining a split pushing hero is doing its job feelsweirdman

        Bick Dig

          I often play as NP and I agree with th OP with some extent. But in some games I get really humiliated by good supports and dust-carrying carries. But still the space created is often enough for your team.

          AD.GokU™ |

            Just dominate the 4v5 team fights, and push to finish lul
            pepega army, wins fight, then tps back base to defend twr against 1 pos 5 NP XD

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              I dont how to play NP. But I have play with NP countless of time. So I will give you some information about it.

              - If NP with your team, just keep it in mind you have a fat sup, jungle or core NP. So you will have advantage in late game.
              So just don't seek for team fight if you might lose (playing safe).

              - If NP with enemy team, your team will have advantage earlier game (Landing stages).
              The rest no need for me to tell you what to do. Just keep it in mind that NP is always seeking building.
              So don't forget dust if you want to kill him :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Oh one more thing don't kill him first when the game reach late game (Buy back advantage)

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              Bick Dig

                ^ Stop spreading ways to counter my NP!!! You bastard

                poopy vibes

                  Yeah annoying but the hero is really garbage rn

                  Saving 4 the Raiden Shogu...

                    Complaining about the lowest win rate hero in the entire game ;p

                    Mune ga hachikire-sōde

                      spamming np, thanks