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General DiscussionI just got back after 3 years

I just got back after 3 years in General Discussion
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    Can I have atleast legend? I usually play support it is so hard to pick core due to multiple cores alr

    Only carry

      I don't think thats possible.

      이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다

        Calibrate Legend - No
        Improve and climb to Legend and above - Depends on you


          u can calibrate ancient legend


            Lol, expect a archon-legend 2 max calibrated, in your ancient bracket u lose and ur kda say it all

            Player 1615092156

              we got same kda bro and yours is core. 90% sup

              Ryūjin no ken wo kurae

                time to quit


                  I played on my wifes old acc which was herald previously ~1k mmr. I played ability draft only on that for about 2k games then calibrated and got legend 5.
                  On this acc I was about 4,5k a year ago and calibrated these days to archon 1.
                  Highest acc I had was 6300 mmr, but sadly i lost email and cant log into it. Would had loved to see what it would calibrate?
                  I played same hero (KOTL pos 4) with approx same KDA and damage on both accounts.
                  So this new calibration thing makes absolutely no sense, might aswell draw a random straw. But anyway if I keep playing I can maintain steady 60-80% winrate untill probably 4-5k mmr with no issue. But I stopped chasing mmr long time ago and I dont give a shit tbh. Just casual player now on/off.

                  Player 1615092156

                    yea time to quit