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    HoHo HaHa!


      I suppose Necrophos need a little nerf for his ultimate? mayb increase in CD, 70 seconds is a bit too fast.

      Also, Undying's tomb maybe need to hv a constant 1200 AOE but with 150/300/450/600 or lower HP scale... so the player need to determine the position of tomb more wisely to avoid quick destruction??

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        No nerfs for Lion? I'd say that the change on Hex no longer applying break is a rather substantial nerf. I think that might somewhat explain the reduced winrate he's no longer an 'easy' counter to PA or Void.

        edit: And yes I completely read over you mentioning no nerfs/buffs outside of global. /facepalm

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          Unlike conventional supports Oracle lacks cc as means for survival. Instead he used to rely on False Promise. Now since the nerf he can't really cast it on himself anymore. The stealth was better for escaping but most of all the low cd meant that you could blow it on yourself and still save a teammate later on. Now it's a spell that needs to be saved for the right moment.

          The bright side of the changes is that the Purifying Flames buff has increased the farming potential of the hero. This leads to quicker Force Staffs for surviving. Maybe Oracle has become a greedier support?


            I love Lion and still play him often. Sadly he has been hit a bit by the changes to the game. He doesn't fair well against heroes like Undying. Still, he is arguably the best disabler in the game.


              Pugna will always be my go-to pick no matter his winrate.

              Lucky Bastardo

                I really think the main reason sand king lost winrate is because so many people who don't know him at all played him once or twice because of their immortal. They think he's a lane support and stay in lane, which ofcourse doesn't help your game as much as the normal "stack-everything-until-you-have-blink-and-wreck-everyone" kind of sand king.


                  I see what you did there, hoho haha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                  Big Dong and Prosper

                    I think this is why oracle lost winrate

                    Oracle False Promise
                    No longer makes the target invisible


                      Before, a common strategy for Oracle was to turn yourself invisible while in fog, giving you enough time to gank someone. This was especially powerful with Orchid. Now, Oracle can't do that.


                        Oracle is not a support hero anymore, but people still play as if he was one. He's better when played as a mid or semi-carry.


                          The oracle ulti nerf was why his win rate sank so much. It's literally just shallow grave except you have to keep healing while they are in it. Dazzle can be a better oracle by pressing W.


                            Hex never blocked backtrack.


                              Are you sure about that? You'd think it would've done given it applied break before 6.84 and that would disable the passive, I must've been extremely lucky with hexing and fingering, on voids, with Lion then.

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                              Suffer Well

                                hidden message... KawaiiSocks confirmed Illuminati

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                                  Oracle, oracle - wrong meta for this hero. He was stronk as by-stander and counter when the game was about one right clicker wiping an entire team - troll, jugger, sniper meta. Now he got directly nerfed (at least in those games where the invisbility would make a difference, e. g. normal skill) and keeps bunny hopping in teamfights while waiting on CD. Dazzle is a better choice for a support in a teamfight meta. Oracle mb only as situational pick and on pos 2/3, i guess.


                                    G UNIT

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                                      earth spirit and ember spirit TT_TT


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                                          Oracle's CD on his ult going up made a pretty big difference for him. Also the Dotabuff stats are mostly based upon sub 4k pubs, where the invisibility tends to be more effective than the new purging effect. AKA Good heroes for pros or high skill cap heroes (Wisp, Batrider, Invoker, Meepo, Earth Spirit) have low winrates because most pubs play them badly (with them on their team or themselves).


                                            Sniper nerfed? nah just balanced mates. Long ago even before shrapnel became charge based i skiped shrapnel and opted for stats instead because i felt that sniper could use some health, armour and artack speed rather than a puny slow. I went with the same idea when shrapnel was charge based and it didnt effect my win rate at all. I still maintain a 80% winrate with sniper with over 80 games played on my main steam account and out of those 80 matches I skilled shrapnel just 1 time to test it.

                                            SNIPER IS STILL OP if played right (without shrapnel ofcourse)

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                                            Пісяти і Спати

                                              Earth Spirit my signature hero and it was really nerfed a bit, in early game hes pretty weak. Though still powerful in mid and late game.

                                              bear sex bear sex

                                                Alchemist has a low winrate because people in Low MMR have no idea how to build him
                                                Going shit like Phase Shadow Blade Mjollnir then they wonder how they get insta killled in fights when they have 1.5k health and 4 armor 30 mins in



                                                  notice the bolded letters on the paragraph ^^

                                                  Cursed Child

                                                    I love Lion to bits. I think the hero's major (and only) flaw as a support is his lack of a true "AOE" kind of disable that can ignore the blocking/reflecting rules of Linken's Sphere/Lotus Orb. Normally Linken's can be circumnavigated by using Mana Drain, but LO? It's effectively a 6-second BKB against Lion (unless you want to be disabled yourself) and that's why I see its addition as a factor for the decreased winrate.

                                                    That being said, I like the addition of Glimmer Cape, and hey, if you can't beat them, join them. It's a great item on Lion, not core, but great nonetheless.


                                                      Nice little hidden HoHoHaHa.

                                                      Still it seems like every time there's a new patch and you put up some post there is always one thing that makes me go "Is this guy stupid?". This time it was the Morphling part. Morph can't flash farm on the same level as an SF, Gyro, or Luna but he can still farm reasonably fast. Waveform is both a very solid nuke for clearing lanes and jungle while simultaneously letting you move around faster, plus if you morph a fair amount of agi his dps is quite good for the part of the game you are at, no matter what part that is. And once you get linken's you have the mana to use waveform rather liberally which accelerates things a bit. Plus you can farm very aggressively. And all you really need is a linkens eblade to start making things happen so it's not as if you have to wait until super late before hes useful. Plus hes got a pretty solid laning stage for a hard carry. Rather than say he shouldn't be played in a 1 or 2 role (hes still quite solid for both) id say that he can now also be played in a 3 or 4 role just as well.


                                                        Of course it's the change to Oracle's ulti which is why he has a winrate as low as omniknights lose rate. What makes no sense is why he would be nerfed, he already had only something like a 43% winrate in pubs alread, and he lacks any proper hard lockdown, or a silence. No professional team should consider picking him over any other support while the current nerfs remain in place.

                                                        At the moment its a shallow grave + worse repel for 8 seconds on a 40 second cooldown as an *ultimate*. Dazzle casts shallow grave every 15 seconds for a 5 sec duration and omni casts repel every 14 seconds for a 12 second duration, and both heroes actually come with an ultimate ability which swings teamfights massively in favour of their team unlike Oracle. The cooldown is now too long to use the spell for double healing as part of his healing combo since you can't afford to have it on cool down in case a fight breaks out.

                                                        As well as the huge cooldown nerf (even 40 seconds at level 16 is only a 'once per team fight' ability) the removal of invisibility massively screwed the utility of the spell and therefore hero. 9 seconds was long enough invis to run across the river and put a ward down on the enemy side without them seeing. You could save yourself or allies if you were ganked and set up a gank more easily.

                                                        Purifying flames buffs...hah. How can a slight mana cost and cooldown reduction on a spell which is entirely reliant on your other spells in order to achieve the desired effect be considered a buff. You still end up healing the enemy more than you damage them unless you dispell the heal (and there is now a 170 mana increase on Eul's active so that's another indirect nerf to the hero), the cooldown on Fortune's end is still the same so you can't cast it on an enemy hero more than you already would. Fate's Edict is still on a 12 second cooldown so you can't cast it on an allied hero more than you already would. If you are using it to farm neutral creeps faster then it means that you have an Oracle on your team and so your chances of winning are stacked 60% against you.

                                                        Icefrog nerfed the hero to shit. He has the lowest winrate and the least impact in a game. He desperately needs to undo the nerfs to the ultimate or dramatically increase the power of his other spells to make up for it.


                                                          People tend to forget dazzle w can be countered by DoT's, and if you've higher HP than the insta kill axe dunk you can't be dunked like dazzle. But high burst hero kill ultied people anyway, unlike dazzle grave who will absorb everything and stay at 1 hp :/.


                                                            well u can see the patch 6.84 brings the great changes to game all the carries are now in the list of losers and support have increased win rate.

                                                            Chao Vritra

                                                              great patch! it is funny how many people do not read patch notes (or at least do not care about them and sitll pick the same heroes as 6.83)


                                                                "grain of slat"

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                                                                  Oracle used to win with Slark, but they are not best friends now.


                                                                    New oracle ult is shit how can a lot people not see that im like so confused

                                                                    plab de brazil

                                                                      ^ dude hell no new Oracle Ult is great. Now they can't stun, slow, or do anything to you. If you think invis is better than that you are obviously low level where nobody buys wards. Its basically Shallow Grave + BKB which IMO is great, plus it can heal you hella lot if you have healing items (Mek / Urn / etc.)


                                                                        Lion lost it's winrate because of direct hex nerf, not because of some deep meta bullshit.


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                                                                          Irans top Guy

                                                                            Oracles just a shit hero imo. Not that he can't be usefull, but 99.9% of the time there is just a better hero to pick.


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                                                                                Where is Storm Spirit? ):