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    TB winrate up? What in the actual's fu**? I've been out of touch with Dota for some months, somebody can shed some light on how is he played atm?


      Storm got hit the hardest imo... a lot of the heroes that counter him got a buff and he got 2 direct nerfs + 1 item nerf. he wasn't THAT bad.


        5 winners & 5 losers ? balanced :throwgame: .. Icefrog please fix ur rotten ranked ladder,hm..where is pit lord? arc warden? stop add infinity tickets & sets,c8 cool updates,all have vomit with that shit there ;Q


          I'm not sure, but I think you kinda fight with him now. Reflection is super strong, and you can manta before you metamorph and have ranged illusions with melee stats.

            "you can manta before you metamorph and have ranged illusions with melee stats." I NEVER THINKED ABOUT IT!I'm now a official terrorblade picker.


              Thing with old TB is you would either die if you fought early, or your team would get run over in early game and so there would be no space to farm. With new reflection and sunder buffs you can join teamfights at level 7 and help your team to win. This means he can help establish the space he then needs to farm where previously your team would win 4v5 for 25 minutes or you lost.

              eks dee

                RIP techies players.. xx


                  All these nerfs were really great. I'm glad I don't have to see these heroes in every game like I used to.


                    yea, this patch is better. I dont be really aware for that fucking jumping storm jump over me while im as CM try to get some gold. Im just a little maiden :(

                    Jason Bourne

                      @Arseni_3000: Not a maiden anymore when you got gang(k) raped :D


                        You should slice those results by mmr range and maybe drop all random maches.


                          Techies player here, I just quit Dota and took the 4 guys who usually play only when I do to CS:GO, Where bombs do something.

                          Clockwerk Orange

                            Not mentioning spectre? It seems the bread and butter of every pub now.


                              I could never play Storm. Only about 5 games, I suppose? But with the new patch the mana costs are absolutely bonkers. Can't even travel a little distance without depleting your mana with a full mana pool ._. I guess I'll never get to play Storm now.

                              Skirk's Slave

                                Yes!! How i love to see that lesh's statistic. I guess we can say goodbye to lose/win-guaranteed mid lane from foe / ally lesh..hahahaha...

                                Have a heart.

                                  the bloodseeker nerfs were dumb, he's not even a semi hard carry and was very team dependant. If you got owned by a bloodseeker is cuz ur entire team sucked.


                                    Nerfs were good, winners are shit.


                                      Maybe it's just me but I've seen a big increase in: Phantom Assassin, Death Prophet, Spectre

                                      Mina Inverse

                                        Just as I am glad Storm and Leshrac were nerfed, I am just as sad my Techies got hit so hard as well.


                                          All about the changing meta boys. Don't be so sad. Some other heroes will take their place and we will come to rage at them. I'm a tad upset about Techies (I don't see them that often anyway). But whatever.

                                          My Meepo didn't get nerfed so doesn't bother me. If anything, he keeps getting buffs.


                                            There's definitely a lot more Phantom Assassin and Spectre picks. :D


                                              What qualifies as "winners" is very subjective imo... necro and doom are the only real winners... climbing up to towards a 50% winrate isn't really winning imo, if you compare drops like storm and lesh have... They are unplayable at the moment

                                              Il Separatio

                                                Can you make a "Pub Tier List 6.85 - Biggest Winners" and "Pub Tier List 6.85 - Biggest Losers" please? I have been waiting for this since the patch came out u_u

                                                Derp's missing tax files

                                                  Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 37.94% win rate. Although it is a challenge, together the Dota 2 Community has the ability to fix this tragedy. Please help. As gamers, we can make Dota 2 a better place.


                                                    Spectre ?


                                                      @Shin0m0ri: Yeah, they could specify things a bit better, but it seems to me that "winners" and "losers" refer to the CHANGES in win-rate, rather than the final amount.

                                                      Kor Kaza

                                                        Thank god techies got nerfed. Very sad to see Storm is unplayble now, he was nowhere near as powerful as pl or lesh, and got hit the hardest. Nerfed 3 patches in a row and is STILL getting all the hate. Fed up with high skillcap heroes being nerfed just because SOME really good players can wreak havoc with them in their respective skill brackets. Excited about Invoker finally being playable again, at least I'll have something to run mid in addition to SF until icefrog gives me my storm back.

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                                                          Why you nerf storm..... im glad techies got nerfed cause he was so annoying. Guess I'll have to play some sf to compensate for the loss of storm.


                                                            spectre is tooo OP im currently 7-0 if the games go past 35 minutes

                                                            Matt Silverwolf

                                                              What about Spec? I mean, he passed Abbadon for the second hightest winrate!


                                                                Won't see storm that much in competitive scene for sure.

                                                                Tsutomu Yamaguchi

                                                                  totally justified to nerf storm, it is actually not even debatable, most people here complaining probably just spammed storm spirit to gain some nice mmr and are now upset. storm is still decent, he simply doesn't snowball as hard which is 100% deserved. storm will make a comeback, is still a good hero in pubs and will comeback into the competitive scene, like he always did. bloodseeker on the other hand, will disappear. he was insane in pubs ever since hes able to get 600 ms from 3 autoattacks, but he should not have been hit this hard, but i dont mind because he wasnt entertaining to watch.

                                                                  Lesh is completely ruined and will be picked in 1 out of 100 games in comp. hes back to being a far worse lina with the only benefit of being able to push towers as a support. however unlike a lina support he will be total garbage in lategame w/o being farmed.
                                                                  nerfs were way too hard, 260->200 dmg is a serious cut. the other nerfs to lightning along with the basedmg nerf, could have been enough(for 90% of the community it would not have been obv, because they just repeat what a pro player said, but leshs concept of a mid is to be far ahead, because otherwise hes weak, now it is very hard to get a huge lead to dominate the game).

                                                                  EL REGRESO DE ERMENTITO

                                                                    gg la fome