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    днави жили только за счет медийной успешности дунди и чмоста

    dan rasclart

      it's been a long day
      without you, my friend
      but i'll tell you all about it
      when i see you again~


        2 года не выигрывали,убирали и возвращали фанника,арстайла,псм ещё пришёл,и всё без успешно,очевидный исход практически


          Good times man! The entire Ti3 was the best period of dota 2 imo. Rat dota with alliance and many troll moments with dondo and just funny games and interviews overall. This years Ti was the 2nd best with so much teamfight aggression and crazy plays, but the players was more interesting in ti3 finals I think.

          Mind Games

            Na'vi, always in my heart

            No innonce No mercy

              navi always in my heart i love navi


                Na'bi is one of best.


                  после ti3 команда уже не та была правильно сделали, что распустили


                    Legends come - legends gone.


                      пройдут недели и года, но буду помнить их всегда !

                      And high up above or down...

                        navi disbaned xD

                        Noted, with many thanks

                          so sad to see them go... they will always be remembered for their contributions to the dota community...

                          all mute

                            Так ушла величайшая команда в доте, всегда будем помнить их. Сильно сомневаюсь что хоть одна команда сможет повторить их результат (имеется ввиду то количество времени которое они доминировали) и ту фан базу которую они заслужили.


                              Na`Vi always in my heart. I love Na`Vi

                              Gaunter O'Dimm

                                Na`Vi never died in my heart

                                PS: im annoyed at the fact that many people use ' instead of ` on Na`Vi


                                  Never forget.

                                  These guys are the reason I started playing Dota.

                                  이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다

                                    They're always the first ones, one of the most pioneer teams in Dota 2. Na'Vi will not be forgotten, for they bring the new and young talents in the current scene. Hopefully they will find their team, but the soul of the roster remains in our hearts. Congrats to Xboct and Dendi for being loyal in the team.




                                        Na'vi the legendary will not be forgotten ! Always in ma heart.

                                        DeShawn Williams

                                          Hello darkness my old friend...


                                            You will be missed, Na`Vi.


                                              Na'Vi in my heart!! It was my lovely team) I will often watch their early matches

                                              POSITIVE CHICKEN

                                                Many will say the same words I'm about to say, but Na`Vi and particularly Puppey + Dendi made me actually have an interest in Dota overall. I had played it before, but after learning about these two from the transition from Wc3 Dota to Valve Dota 2 and watching games online, I grew eager to play and learn this game where such amazing people were able to excel so much.

                                                "That Na`Vi" will never die. It will spread its seeds and grow anew in many places, until all you see bleeds yellow.


                                                  Y_Y teary eyes!

                                                  Monkey D. Luffy

                                                    :'( tears aren't enough


                                                      gg wp


                                                        Dendi Funn1k and Sonneiko will most likely stay together, and i they dont they will go to some of the top european teams, maybe even go to Hellraisers and reboot them. XBOCT is probably gonna struggle to find a team, most european teams have good carries, and the way XBOCT plays is always risky and generally costs his team the game. PSM is fairly new to the top tier and will probably be picked up by some newer team like CIS rejects or maybe even go on to the ever changing Empire roster. One things for sure: each player from Na'Vi will have a future in Dota


                                                          Navi! <3


                                                            wow, this dude spared 3 lines to talk about ArtStyle. dude do you even know he's the inventor of the pushing strats ?




                                                                this Kawaiisocks dude has been posting really shitty posts to be honest. He wrote 6.85 analysis with his skill bracket in normal skill ? Do you even know what you were saying in that post ? With your level of skills, you don't get to judge the patch and analyse it.

                                                                project x





                                                                      long live na'vi


                                                                        Xboct juke!


                                                                          @artstyle.darer - I chose to only spare so many lines for him.


                                                                            please. you don't even know dota. lol

                                                                            2 + 2 = potato

                                                                              When I got into dota in the early 2013 , it was na'vi that made me interested in professional scene. All those moments and memories. <3

                                                                              The snake was coming for u

                                                                                Dendi never die........


                                                                                  большая утрата ((((((((((

                                                                                  Professional Feeder

                                                                                    gg wp. they're the reason i play dota.

                                                                                    JAMES BONG AGENT 420

                                                                                      vsyu zhizn' zhelal im zla, no grustno dazhe kak-to stalo, chto oni razvalilis'. the legend, like old ehome roster, the part and spirit of good ol' dota, sad it's gone.


                                                                                        Not a Na'VI fan but damn some of that DotA and Crazy moments (I actually dont know what to say)


                                                                                          Navi is love, Navi is life

                                                                                          이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다

                                                                                            This is just sad :(

                                                                                            the lower



                                                                                                ХВOCT И DENDI--- НА ПЕНСИЮ


                                                                                                  no beta key, you noob.


                                                                                                    TI was funnier with Na'Vi in finals


                                                                                                      Well... Goodbye Na`Vi :((