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            Very detailed Mr.Kawai,i might talk to valve soon about your hard work.

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                I struggle with this hero when I'm offlaner. What are the best offlane picks against disruptor.

                Father Godwin

                  Abbadon, Omniknight, Legion or any hero that can dispel Disruptor's debuff(Thunder strike) Will do fine.

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                    @Elder_Goat82: honestly, anything that is a threat on lane on its own is a good pick against Disruptor. You can pick Doom, Ench or Batrider and should do just fine:

                    -Doom simply doesn't care about Disrupror harass and can force him out of lane early on.
                    -Ench, once she gets her creep, will zone Disruptor out completely and there is nothing he can do about it. Honestly, Ench matchup is one of the worst against most support heroes and doubly so with Disruptor.
                    -Batrider will easily force out a defensive Glimpse and this ability has a really long cooldown early on, allowing him to farm and/or get XP in lane in relative safety for a minute or so.

                    Omni is also very, very good, since he doesn't care about disruptor most of the time. Not sure about Legion and Aba, but they are definitely not bad matchups either.

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                      Excellently written article. Thanks for all the hard work put in to this.

                      I haven't played Dota consistently for the past few months and there are a lot of changes. What support would say is strong for 2k pubs?


                        At 2k i would say anything u Good at

                        An Arctic Fox


                          *Disclaimer, I am only some 3k scrub... My words are not the gospel... Only noteworthy achievement is climbing from 1k to 3k*

                          In the 2k bracket, there tends to be a lot of ego and not a lot of skill or logic involved. When I pick supports, I tend to pick supports that can play outside the expectations of your standard AM/PA/Sniper first pickers. Heroes that I find particularly strong include

                          Dark Willow - She has insane amounts of CC if used properly, great nuking potential and can contribute greatly even if she isn't that farmed, if you can position and use skills well

                          Oracle - Great nuking potential, healing, rooting and if required, a disarm that can momentarily disable an enemy core unless they have a BKB or dispel. Particularly useful against PAs, LCs, etc. if you don't show yourself to the enemy. And a save that is more reliable than Dazzle's Shallow Grave.

                          Phoenix - AS/MS slows to counter the enemy, great against high HP heroes (The more HP they have, the more damage your Sun Ray deals over time) a lot of DoT if its skills are used optimally.

                          If you are more experienced/great at micro/a masochist

                          Chen - Ridiculous amounts of pushing power, great ganking potential. If played well, you can easily win multiple lanes, take down towers and cripple the enemy's economy

                          Visage - Surprisingly tanky with great counter nuking potential, great against burst damage heroes, good at pushing and good at counter-initiating if you micro the birds well.

                          That said, when picking support heroes, you need to bear in mind a ton of other factors in yours and the enemy's lineups. If your team lacks lockdown, then you shouldn't go for phoenix. If your skills have synergy, you at least secure yourself a minor victory, because you can combo your skills to achieve certain things

                          (Oracle's Fortune's End on your team's PA and PA Q+W on 2 nearby enemy heroes = damage from dagger on 1 hero, damage from Fortune's End(Q) on 2 heroes, root on 2 heroes and your PA wailing on them and possibly getting 2 kills with help from your Purifying flames(E). Or a save from your False Promise (R) if shit hits the ceiling.. Hahaha

                          And it doesn't stop there, really... Its also about item choices, skill builds and decision making. A lot of 2k pubs prioritize their items instead of team items. Examples are like a personal blink dagger on CM instead of a glimmer cape to save your teammate from a PA, or going Aghanim's on Warlock instead of Force Staff + Glimmer.

                          They also like to go with cookie cutter skill builds, but you need to read the terrain, and determine for yourself whether that precious skill point is worth investing in a certain skill early on, or left till later. (E.g. Having Bramble Maze + Shadow Realm + Cursed Crown on a level 3 DW for extra CC for ganking vs Bramble + lvl 2 Shadow Realm for extra damage)

                          Support life is frankly a tedious and often depressing life. Accept the reality that you will rarely get farm, you may not always get your levels (because the cores will want to snatch the tomes of knowledge of your hands too...), and you will likely die a lot (if you aren't careful). But with experience and patience, you suddenly find yourself immersed in a deeper game of Dota, a more tactical and more decisive game that is quite frankly, brilliant.

                          An Arctic Fox

                          P.S. Add me on steam if you would like to talk more about the support role. :)

                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                            Glimpse is a glorious tool to have when running a drow strat. Heroes that like to jump in can be glimpsed away, acting in the same general utility one would use hurricane pike for on drow. Pre 6, the combo is still great as you can get a silence wall combo earlier. Since drow isn't the best fighter (especially facing distance closers), glimpse is also invaluable for the 5v4 advantage it can consistently allow in fights and ensuring a successful sneak split push on a tower.


                              too much disrupter this week


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                                Elon Musk

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                                    You don't have to make everything so complicated. Disruptor is cool because he is cool against strong meta-heroes: lifestealer, od, lycan, void, jugger e.t.c. He is cool for the same reason as Bane and Beastmaster, which are picked more often on 5k+ and win more games in that mmr bracket. Look at Lycan win rate on 5k+ and you will understand, why skilled players like Bane, Beastmaster and Disruptor.

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                                      I got 70% winrate on this hero GG


                                        Ну вот что ты наделал?...
                                        **ушёл качать HOMM3**


                                          Back when Dota2 was in its earliest years, this was one of the rarest supports you could ever met and now he is the "Meta". Also, he is one of those supports that benefits more on exp than gold and he doesn't need too many expensive items to keep up with the team, wards couple with an escape tool is good enough.

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                                            Ну так, дурачки на Вульвах сделали, что глимс ничем не контрится вот и результат...


                                              I feeder with this hero, dont know how to play properly lol.

                                              Enemy laughing whenever i use glimpse.

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                                                Great article dude, hope you got PAID for it


                                                  One aspect of Disruptor that everyone seems to miss is that none of his abilities are mitigated by the Status Resistance of STR heroes, meaning Thunder Strike, Kinetic Field, Glimpse and Static Storm work surprisingly well against high STR enemies, unlike other disabler supports.

                                                  Black Capped Chickadee

                                                    Disputor mid game and late game displacement and CC is pretty strong right now even with the protective item or life-saving counter-spell from supports such as omni repel, VS swap, ES kick or pull and etc.


                                                      He used to be better when he had 60gpm/min when you try to solo support in 4.5k bracket. But in these days, games ends before he gets 20 talent before he can get any useful item for situations.