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    uh first

    Ice my frog

      uh Last!...



        fucking cancer in my eyes





              Fuck drow man.

              IfYouFightMe Q(¬.¬Q)

                You didnt mention that templar has a 54~56% win rate at 4k+ bracket, what means a lot.

                Light My Fire

                  Bunch of retards why they target my favorite hero everytime.

                  이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다

                    The reason why ta has always had a low winrate is bc none of you kids know how to play her. If you don't use psi blades every chance you get, you're done. If you wanna learn how to play TA properly, go watch my channel:


                    4k or retire in 3 months

                      blitz gonna fap hahahaha

                      Crazydance 8 c6 180bpm

                        Dont view my profile


                          Lina is also getting buffed non-stop like Templar Assassin, but for some reason she also cant even reach the 50% margin.

                          The buff to Arc Warden was very meaningful btw, and so was the nerfs to Mars.

                          Pudge just became a really good offlaner, level 1 Pudge with Flesh Heap lvl 1 has an absurd 7.5 hp regen and 68 base damage

                          The Komeijis

                            So many patchs released yet I haven't seen any new aghs upgrade or reworks. Pls make it available on every heroes and add ambient effect to the heroes that buy it will be bought by everyone just like in dota 1.


                              ambient effect?


                                ^^He means to add special visuals to heros when they buy it. In DOTA 1, nearly every sceptor gave special visuals to the heros, such as adding a frost cloud around Lich, spikes around Leshrac, a firey ember around Axe, a magical pixie dust trail from Void's cudgel, sparks around Warlock's staff, etc. A lot of heroes that currently have Aghs weren't around in DOTA 1, or didn't have Aghs in Dota 1 though, since 6.83 was the last patch to be adapted formally to that game.

                                mr steal yo girl

                                  no love for the DK PepeHands


                                    Next up!

                                    Aghanims Scepter upgrades in the form of purchasable Immortals.


                                      Stop buffing the zip zap man lol.


                                        pango my homie we still got this