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    First lmao


      I think people are sleeping on Shadow Demon who got a few picks at Birmingham. I saw (I think) Fly play the traditional Shadow Poison build, but Puppey neglected it entirely, maxing out Disruption and Soul Catcher first. Shadow Poison can deal some eye catching damage but people overlook that getting the stacks up is rarely guaranteed. Even assuming you can safely get to to 5-6 stacks in the heat of a fight, it's still not an especially efficient skill when you consider how long it takes and how much mana you use.

      Why go for slow unreliable damage when you can deal a massive 40% of current health instantly on a disrupted target by level 7? Shadow poison still has a use as a scouting and stack farming tool but I think when people realise his true strength lies elsewhere he's going to blow up pretty quickly.


        Chen after patch .c is dead I think :(


          Chen is fine. Your lane just isnt super auto won with damage and super heals

          Yami Yugi

            With the change to shadow word, warlock shouldn't be played aggressively anymore, Maxing Shadow word and two points on Upheaval will ensure a kill at level 6, while before 6 it's also preventing your core certain death after healing him with SW, slowing the pursuer.

            Works wonder with a simple fog positioning and a shadow amulet.

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


              Judging from the patch notes, I expected a larger increase in game time. To me, that feels like a fairly short increase, one that could be chalked up to just a handful of stupid long stalled or particularly messy games that don't represent a realistic expectation of match length. With that in mind, can you talk a little about the significance of a 2.5 min avg increase in match time? Does that amount of time significantly alter the pool of heroes that will do well in this patch, or does that cut just a few out and add a few in? OORRRRRR is this a backwards way of looking at the situation?


                How long is it until Naga becomes top tier first phase ban carry?

                350% hp damage illusions compared to 550% a few patches ago. New riptide gives her a way easier and faster creep clearing ability which isn’t mana dependent. So now she can also fight way easier than old radiance build.

                Naga illusions last as long as CK illusions, are only a little less tanks, and are way shorter cool down compared to 150 sec ult.

                Only thing that beats her is mass aoe damage, so no Sven and no magic damage spam,earthshaker etc and she is hard to lockdown and kill. Also has perfect tea fight set up spell that can be used to escape or reset. If used to reset with Aghs it also doubles as a fountain level heal.

                Бета тестер скрытого пула

                  As long as Naga's ultimate doesn't help her to deal damage,she won't be tier 1 carry.This hero should be reworked.


                    Chen is even better now. Less noob friendly though. Dmg boost is moved to creeps, but the amout is doubled. So on lvl 5 you are able to kill almost anyone solo or just with minimal help.


                      Warlock wisp are OP

                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                        I mean...she is getting picks and bans though. And what exactly do you mean by 'doesn't help her to deal damage'? I'd say it's a good setup for stuns or illusions to come in, but I'm guessing you have a different angle?

                        Yami Yugi

                          @MM.Ugh Brock Hall uh... no Brock, I think he's saying that she's being left there the same fashion as Void, Chrono as his SS does exactly better than hers in regard of your criteria mentioned above, but still won't make him top tier first ban carry.

                          I'd say it's a good setup for stuns or illusions to come in


                            It's not easy for illusion carries to become tier 1 because illusions 1. get cleared too easily before you have enough items 2. Does not deal enough damage before you have enough items. Exceptions being PL who can just generate illusions immediately after they are cleared and gets a peak after getting diffusal, and TB whose illusions are ranged and have much higher damage early on due to metamorph. And in the current meta every lineup will have some AOEs (otherwise they get fked by other picks first ie. brood) so it's not that easy to sneak in a naga.
                            I think naga is fine though. She's still got strong scaling, has a teamfight ulti, and actually farms fast now, so she would be situationally op. I feel like giving buffs to naga could easily make her too strong, especiallly with her ~53% winrate in pubs now.

                            ur parents r siblings

                              @lex recommend chen build pls? And what creeps to take thx

                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                @Yami Yugi

                                I'm really just saying it's a fantastic positioning tool for your entire team to take advantage of, and that can be a great setup for a lot of damage. Comparing naga to void is another conversation entirely but has it's possibilities for interest. My guess was that he was suggesting that the ulti does damage or somehow allows naga to apply damage, even if it is only her. Maybe allow items and illusions to do damage? It's something to chew on for sure.


                                  @Yami Yugi dota plus says to max warlocks 2nd, but what about maxing his 1st, and then ulting lvl6 and doing 2nd. This seems like it could do some good damage. I'm going to try it, but thoughts.!???


                                    @Teleninja but then you're completely useless during the downtime with no golem


                                      I think naga wont make it to S tier just because naga needs time to get strong. So it can be easily countered with meta hero like shaman so the naga couldn't farm freely.

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