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    very cool


      very excited to start playing




          Nice good job work


            Amazing work fellow dota friends, lets continue to advance as a community and may the best players get noticed!
            I will be at the top bois, i will support my teammates until we achieve greatness!

            Rabbit LFT 3/4/5

              You barely had players for the beta season . Payed subscription means there will be even less immortals and lower rank than before. Not sure how this will work .


                I tried to play during beta and waited 50 minutes as support without finding a match. I gave up after waiting for that long. And that was in beta which was free. I certainly don't think I would pay any money to wait indefinitely to find games as there doesn't seem to be a big pool of players. I also visited the discord and was amazed by the number of toxic comments on the channel feeds. That did not look to me as appealing to incentivize me to join Reach and certainly did not look like the nice community they are proposing they have or will have. I hope someone changes my mind.


                  ^^Its pretty convenient for immortal players . I remember playing pos 3 pudge for shits and giggles i think and i fed like 8 times in first 10 minutes and i saw that i was matched with top 300 players meaning a 2k-2.5k mmr difference and all they said to me was "bro play ranked dont queue for reach" and i felt that i totally accept i ruined their game . So for ancients i dont think the queue should be too good .

                  oxygen breather

                    Paid subscription will ruin everything


                      как играть да?


                        well, time to grind?


                          how this works.. lets go

                          Reach is a new solo queue league by Dotabuff, offering high quality matchmaking, large cash prizes, and a chance to be drafted into competing at a main stage ESL Academy event. It's free to play this month and season 1 is live offering $240,000 in prizes.