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    Bro your previous games with huskar are a shitshow

    Papa ZEN

      (VP) hold my beer.

      But in all seriousness yeah its not good, would love to see some small changes to allow him in another role.

      Gurin Jeimuzu

        Want to make huskar viable?

        Pick Oracle with him and get armlet. Cast False Promise when he's about to die. Tried and trusted and actually more busted now with shard and aghs

        Basically cant be killed

        이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다
        Independent Feminist Carry


          You've summed up this article nicely i see

          Wei WuXian

            voy aprobar huscar 4 en mis smurf


              These articles actually have people commenting on them? Interesting stuff. Duality, whatever you are smoking, I want some!


                1/6, 1/10, 1/11, 3/14

                These are your stats for the past 4 games of huskar.

                Yeah, huskar doesn't work.


                  The authors of all these articles are borderline illiterate and dogstains at dota.


                    Please don't


                      Just why is this random divine 2 an author here and trying some 1k builds? I actually just don't see the point in this...


                        Is this supposed to be new? Old huskar had heal.


                          Surprised that you actually managed to win while trying it out in ranked match. You should try SEA server haha.


                            So, you want to say "it won't work". Got it!!!

                            Van Dam

                              oh god, why are you bringing this terrible feature back?

                              i wouldn't mind it if it was some underrated builds, like clockwerk 3 or silencer 1 or something, something that could work, but you might as well make oracle pos 1 or medusa 5 guides at this rate.

                              shadowbanned dead acc, in...

                                We don't do this.


                                  Great writeup.



                                    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                      For science!


                                        Donny, I've been a big fan of yours going back to the Pvgna days, and I enjoyed the article. You've been getting some assholes flaming you, I guess because they only care about what's OP, and they're miserable people lmao, but the article was good nonetheless. I just want to say that I love your take on the game, and it's a shame that Dota Alchemy couldn't keep going the way it did. I really miss listening to Alchemy Answers during my commute :( . Anyway, keep up the great work!


                                          P.S. This probably is the direction that Valve wants to take the hero in, so talking about its strengths and weaknesses is only guilty of being ahead of its time.