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      Very good subject indeed,
      For some reason I can only think at countering everything you mentioned above.

      Abaddon and Omniknight




          where is sand king's stun?


            ET didn't even make the disable list lmao


              riki's dart. shaman shackles?

              TI waiting room

                Great article
                I agree with axe call being the best disable in the game


                  Disruptor: am I joke to you?


                    batrider beast master


                      Just to answer some questions:

                      I think Sand King is solid B/borderline A-Tier. Good duration, mobility on top and decent AoE.

                      Shackles is C-Tier, borderline B-Tier. Look, I love Shadow Shaman and Shackles are an iconic spell, but it is channeling. Fiend's Grip in B tier is less telegraphed, BKB-piercing shackles on a much longer cooldown, but it is still considerably more useful past the laning stage.

                      ET's actually not on the list: I've specifically talked about hard disables only and sleep isn't a part of it. Same for Riki's Dart, which is definitely one of the most annoying things to play against.




                          wait a sec. you forgot MEDUSA Stone Gaze acts as a fantastic defensive mechanism against ganks and initiations alike, with crippling effects on all who dare face the Gorgon. bit fancy but get the hell of the JOB done!


                            I think you underestimate Slithereen Crush. It has double purpose, both disable and waveclear, like Hoof Stomp, but it has more damage, a larger radius and a shorter cooldown than Hoof Stomp. In addition, on top of the stun it has a 6 second move and attack speed slow, which is a significant addition to its disable duration. To win a game you have to not only win the occasional teamfight, you have to win the battle of economies and Slardar is excellent at that. I would put Crush above most of your B-tier disables.


                              You forgot the SSS category: Morphling ult, which can cause the game to crash (with certain caveats). BKB-piercing, no cast time, no commitment, easy to execute, undispellable, ...


                                Where's my boy earthshaker


                                  Naga? Both net and ulti are crazy strong


                                    how about meepo? can unlimited Net for meme. Should be SSS Tier


                                      Pre-cast Magic Missile level 25 on the enemy PA and wait her to BKB Phantom Strike on my carry nearby.


                                        Doom was not even mentioned.


                                          I say Death is the best disable. Removes hero off the map, they cant farm AND it tilts their team. Its the best status condition bar none.


                                            Def a good subject for what seems like another deathball meta

                                            Фармила SSS ранга