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I am Groot

    can't wait to see King SumaiL shine again


      It would be amazing if they won, in both this TI and the last one they managed to defy the odds... Arguably in the first one they won too.

      who tf are you?!

        @Strakog ARGUABLY? Nobody was giving them top5 chances in the first one. They formed the team like 2-3-4 months before the tournament. They defy the odds every time first one for being new formed team with no background, second one for being the only team that actually performs as a defending champion and hopefully now with all the problems they are facing including ceb not playing


          let's pray for ceb's surgery , hope he recovers asap <3

          I am Groot

            Spam 🌻 to 🌻 give 🌻 OG 🌻 power🌻

            n3m3r hope

              Ceb'a nety. Smisl igrat'??


                This didn't age well. I want OG to win again but I don't think they can do it because of an unforeseen event. I just hope Ceb gets well.

                Nemesis 041

                  It's almost like Dotabuff is cursed, because whenever they talk about the game itself, it often gets patched to address what they covered, or in this case, when they cover a team, something happens to them.

                  I'm not saying this in a form of disrespect or anything, so don't take this the wrong way fellas, I just find that this is becoming a trend here.


                    @Nemesis 041

                    No offense taken and personally, I kinda enjoy being "cursed".

                    One of my proudest moments is when I publish this piece: , with a theorycraft on a wonky ET+Drow Armor Interaction combo and two patches later it gets "fixed". I still think it would be a fun interaction to keep in game that is specific enough to not ruin the balance, though.




                        Without Ana, I don't think so. That guy's thinking is beyond DotA.


                          Well, with Covid rampaging through the Chinese teams and Ceb's unfortunate run with an eye issue that required surgery, it is all up for grabs. I hope OG pulls through and takes the adversities they are facing again to get into the zone and throw some good Dota at as from a totally unexpected corner again. TI9 Io was a thing to behold... I think we are again up for some unusual picks from Topson.

                          I just really hope that someone pulls a cat out of the bag at TI. Those are the best moments in Dota... It doesn't have to be OG, just someone do something weird that just works because of some unforeseen reasons or something that should not work, but just does.


                            Что за баба слева?


                              that ceiling panel is annoying

                              no idea

                                OG tiene todas las posibilidades todavía, siempre sorprenden en sus games, ceb io off jaja