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Brünk Hüll

    Meta is always more fluid than the community would have you believe. Points to you for reminding us.

    Dark Hunter

      Perks of low mmr games, you can pick whatever and have it be viable


        cyclone time work not how euls and status resistance decrease fly time


          Resistance time euls cyclone fly work and not decrease how status time.


            Heavenly Grace is also a Strong Dispel at lvl 1 if you want.


              Thx! Fixed.


                Great article!

                Nobody Kehrs

                  Hehe, dominated by Qop, i see what you did there


                    God I hope the new patch is good.


                      I dont see any reason to play omniknight when a single euls scepter removes two of his abilities and you're left with a mediocre heal and a shitty slow.


                        Yo Kawaii, total skills for 3 Brewlings are 4, you skip windwalk, which arguably is the main DPS skills of all 4

                        Slim Shady

                          Dota 2 is a game with endless possibilities and ways to play the game

                          Yet almost every game you play boils down to the same shit.

                          Long live META, ruining games since 2015 or some shit


                            riki melts too fast even in late game. I played him recently and still nearly lost while 6 slotted..