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      Hire a hooker

      Mungo Time

        You need to be at least 5k in real life to get girlfriend.

        Then minimum 6k + to keep the girlfriend

        Go to bars, malls, parks etc. Talk to women, analyse replays and improve your gameplay/understanding.

        View higher mmr men and try and understand their movements and actions.

        Most importantly, play to win!


          I get girls working in stores in my hood..

          I just talk to them outside on pauses on a cigareete and after some weeks i ask for going out

          Dota not fun

            Git gud


              You just have to feed:)


                Just have a 7inch dick.. Ez 😂

                Sartin Mcorsese

                  You need to be a man that women like to get a Girlfriend.

                  Try being alpha. If you're not alpha try not to be too beta. Some girls like nice guys but then u can't be picky.

                  Story Time

                    u get a girl as soon as you lower your unrealistic standards


                      @hanyalo if you are not alpha and you are not beta,what are you then.@OP if you have social life and only girls are missing,try looksmaxing and eveything,basically being the best version of your self,eat healthy,dress nice,good hygiene,exercise.And be assertive,dont act a nice guy,know what you want.Gl !


                        Just talk to them and try to kiss

                        I as i consider myself not attrqctive hooked up girl who ever i start and talk( not bilions girls but lets say 8 girls from now)

                        U can even hook up older than you ,

                        girls would hook with anyone they talk ( that doesnt mean for sex , but still thats something)

                        Its pretty easy to hook up girl,for some people its easy to get them to bed ,

                        U must find aomething that will make girl sleep with u

                        Some ppl are physically attractive alot

                        Some ppl have good stories

                        Some ppl have money some good talk some are hot

                        Some girls like hot muscled guys some like smart guys some like rich guys some like good guys some like bad


                          Every girl want to be with someone

                          They cant without mans

                          But not every man can fuck them it depends on u

                          Story Time

                            how many girls does a blue star gets pro day?


                              U need not to be shamed when it comes to bed u should try fuck her and she will decide yes or no

                              Last girl i had we were sleeping in her house 20 days but still i didnt fuck her

                              I tryed once being little offensice but she refused

                              But first 4 days when we were together on one ocasion she told me she would sleep with me

                              Girls are fucking weird one day want to sleep with u one day get cold and brake up with u

                              Its normal thing u should not be ashamed ur a man

                              Hahahhha lol


                                @lastpick u r okay bro,jesi li balkanac ? jebem ti mrtvi engliski jao


                                  go to gym, get in good shape, earn a handsome salary or business and most importantly stop fapping

                                  Story Time

                                    ^also: do not be married. As i have found out, this fact makes my chances go down the drain


                                      Just hide ur ring lmao

                                      Story Time

                                        lol, it is not working like this. She will find out in a month or so

                                        FRTEEN (deadinside)

                                          watch anime
                                          find cute anime girl
                                          call her your gf


                                            just talk to them

                                            that being said, u could get friendzoned
                                            and alas i have no solution to that


                                              Buy a 10k mmr account and show a girl your ePenis. Job done. EZ.


                                                e-girls best girls btw


                                                  also what zdonfrank said,if u ever feel stuck in life or something,stop fapping for 3-4 days,you will feel reborn

                                                  Story Time

                                                    ^i stopped for 10 days while travelling. Does not work at all, suddenly all things surrounding you remind u of sex, also got worse in dota, since cant take eyes of the windrangers charms in battle


                                                      If you don’t fap you’ll just get wet dreams


                                                        You can avoid wet dreams by not thinking sexual or not watching/reading nsfw materials.

                                                        Pulp Fiction

                                                          get the courage to talk them (in case you have any grill relations irl lol, if doesn't just install tinder and pray some grills are matched with you)

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                                                          nema link

                                                            Get a job and dont be stupid, you dont actualy need a girlfriend, girlfriend is an needy and time consuming part of your life, that compares everything to herself and if that something is receiving more attention than her you gonna have a bad time.

                                                            What you need is sex, for sex you hire Hookers, when you put everything on the paper and calculate Hookers are actually cheaper in the long run, because remember wise words from the internet, "You dont pay hooker for sex, you pay her to leave!" with girlfriend you will never have that luxury!

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                                                              @ ;; jesam nema veze lepo sam mu reko decko debil ako ne moze ribu da nadje stvarno je retardiran


                                                                Bukvalno treba da pogledas ribu otvoris usta i smuvo si je xd al bukvalno

                                                                nema link

                                                                  Dobro sta, decko mozda gadja misice a lici na izdrkani kurton, a i ko zna kako je kod njih u Jevropi, vidis da su svi autisticni...

                                                                  designated creep hitter

                                                                    ask blunt

                                                                    ROAD TO HERALD 0

                                                                      analyse replays

                                                                      View higher mmr men and try and understand their movements and actions.

                                                                      Teach me your ways Senpai

                                                                      Suck my tiny curry dick

                                                                        Force yourself onto them. It’s consent if they can’t say no.

                                                                        Mungo Time

                                                                          "Teach me your ways Senpai"


                                                                          Even if you're not a 6k+ man in real life. Make a woman FEEL like you're 10k and any woman will fall inlove with you.

                                                                          Doesn't matter what your net worth is.

                                                                          Does not matter what role you play

                                                                          If she FEELS like you're top 1 ranked, you'll win everytime.

                                                                          love yourz

                                                                            Why do u want a GF? She wont let u play dota lmao

                                                                            Suck my tiny curry dick

                                                                              Have soundproof basement with chains.

                                                                              Mate in China

                                                                                Just watch replays.


                                                                                  Analyze cookie replays


                                                                                    And read diox posts

                                                                                    Sorry grills, I'm gey ☺

                                                                                      why need gf if u have dotes? ♥


                                                                                        how to get a gf 101

                                                                                        plan a- court her with flowers and chocolates.

                                                                                        if plan a doesnt work. go to plan b

                                                                                        plan b- raped her and throw her in the sea

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                                                                                        Sunshine brad

                                                                                          If you're ugly, then.. just play dotes

                                                                                          Dylaan Moe T. Tiko

                                                                                            Confidence. Hit on 10 girls and you’re bound to get one

                                                                                            Suck my tiny curry dick

                                                                                              Find out her routine
                                                                                              When is she alone and most vulnerable
                                                                                              Plan carefully


                                                                                                have u tried peeing on her to show dominance?

                                                                                                designated creep hitter

                                                                                                  what's the step 2


                                                                                                    idk, ive never got this far


                                                                                                      First you must learn how to jungle . Next aim for first blood . Finally go through back door protection .

                                                                                                      For sure works .

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