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Do I break any record? in General Discussion
ur parents r siblings

    there's no way on flat earth your opponents are human bean


      I am so gonna watch this later, surely this is set up or the other team were feeding intentionally ahah


        the enemies were your friends ?

        이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다
        Midnight Special

          they are all anonumous for a reason lol


            yes, u made a record in pretending, godbless


              gratz..yo mama must be very proud..


                Its really a match with 9 strangers.


                  Fountain camping with heart and AoE one shot on the 3 still connected and about 3 right clicks per disconnected lvl 1-3.

                  Impressed - at how you wasted 50m of your life to torment noobs that had never played.


                    It's even worse against strangers. Now they have uninstalled Dota 2 and are going to play Apex.

                    Well played.


                      How do none of them have Bkb or linkens