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Tips on what to do once the Laning Phase is over! in General Discussion

    Hi everyone,

    I've been stuck on herald - crusader for a long time.
    I'm fairly certain I can get out of laning phase better than most of my skill level players.
    But after laning phase is over and around 20 mins time I'm not sure what to do and I usually die trying make something happen.
    Can anyone give me some tips on what to do around that time?
    Coordination on my skill level is a rare blessing and when it happens I win 90% of those games.
    But that's like 1 in 10 games.
    I play mid!

    after trying to play support for years.
    (and it is working! So if you are in Herald - Crusader Play Mid or Carry)

    Thanks in Advance!!

    Herald EnJoker

      if u play support go roam stick to teamfight. but if u r carry focus farm get item first


        "Coordination on my skill level is a rare blessing and when it happens I win 90% of those games."

        That's not coordination, you suck at the game, in those games you just get carried to victory.
        You won't improve till you accept the fact that you suck at the game, else you wouldn't be a herald.
        Laning, rotation, etc nothing matters, first you need to start asking "why am I doing this?" on your every in-game action.

        *died and teleported to lane" - Why did I tp? Was there something better you could've done (mostly applies to supports)
        *Buys certain item" - Why did I buy this?

        In many games, ppl win the laning stage, then make stupid decisions and lose the simple games.

        Recently I won against a safe AM that killed me and my offlaner a total of 6 times in 8 mins, why? cause he didn't think much and rushed a vanguard. That delayed all his timings and till he got BF, me and the offlaner had enough items to shut him down. - Normally, in that scenario, a good AM would've had a 9 mins battlefury and completely wrecked us.


          You are not supposed to make solo plays, ask for smoke or farm whatever item you need.

          Set your chat wheel to objective commands especially playing void spirit because he falls off late game. Stick to your guns and heros you like playing. Read patch notes and understand what every spell does. Work on laning, csing and map awareness.

          I would narrow your hero pool to Ember, void spirit, kunkka, windranger. Apart from void spirit they scale pretty good. And play only that heros. With void spirit you gonna need more team coordination.

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            After the laning phase look on the map for spots to rotate and take objectives like killing heroes out of position or structures like towers.

            RezaShah roohet shad :(

              @goku you were projecting your ancient rank as long as I remember. now you are Crus 3 :D fair bro


                crus3 in SEA is like herald 0 in EU

                u suck kid

                  identify who is the strong player, and go smoke them or something and play around them.

                  too many times noobs dont enable their strongest hero and feed when they shouldnt be fighting without them


                    Just simple approach. Blame others and you will never grow. You can see one guy above for example.