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General Discussionwhat did i do to deserve all this!!!!

what did i do to deserve all this!!!! in General Discussion

    every fucking game i play has 1 or 2 griefers! what did i do to deserve all this?! i have 9k conduct. im burst out with this kind of players all in my team. pa safelane gone broke, afk venom 0-12. wr pos 4 role stealer. void with the max out trashtalk in game. every game is a fucking stomp!!!!!!!!! not enjoyable anymore

    smurfs = no balls

      If you grief, you get griefers. Simple as that.

      Shadow pool baby


        Anything under 12k is going to be "more smurfs" and if you go below 10k it is probably going to be griefer territory. It is what the system does.

        Smurfs get a lot of reports and commends, so they will be just below 12k, but will remain near by as they get a lot of commends too.

        Now griefers don't get the commends and they will sink further down.

        I have noticed this change in my games, though the "griefer" territory is something I haven't seen, but it is very clear smurfs are way more apparent in the 11-12k region. Once you get a report or two, you will see more smurfs in the games, but it doesn't get too toxic that fast yet, but at 9k, you are probably surrounded by dudes who will try to lose if something doesn't go their way...

        smurfs = no balls

          Commends do not affect behaviour score.

          Also, you can get into smurf /shadow pool at sny behaviour score if you get reports more than usual in short amount of time.

          Thats how you get those random 10> game losing streaks when you just get super bad teammates with aldo losing streaks


            sometimes when i get a good game on tinker i can play 1v5 them, and thinks im a smurf when im actually not. maybe they reported me somehow and got into this pool. I dont grief, i do get bad games and get stomped on my lane. i barely talk and only ping, i do listen to their commands or ganks. how do i get fast conduct score?


              i barely talk and only ping


              You mean to say, "I barely talk when I'm not winning"

              BHS system is working fine, Subhuman trash cans are queued with each other. FeelsGoodMan


                maybe the guy tipped him AHAHAHHA

                Elon Tusk

                  Bruh. Your behaviour score is 9k. Thats why.

                  Be the change.


                    you play in SEA SERVER.
                    what do you expect

                    a bunch of baby ducks

                      just pick abuse heroes and mute all. works for me

                      the legend itself

                        you are playing on tinker you definetly deserve this


                          tbh you got 47% overall winrate, I highly doubt it is your teams fault every time.