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aikyu3 SuBi ♪

    cool analaysis. IMO, pheonix's spirit is really hard to hit lol, is it only me?


      no timbersaw/windranger/nyx, im sad


        timbersaw sux


          I guess I'll be playing Phoenix a lot more often. Until late April, at least.


            phoenix is a very good hero, it just needs training to get good with it and if you manage to do a good ultimate you can hit very hard...

            objet petit a

              "Even though rushing Aghanim's Scepter Aghanim's Scepter is suboptimal, even late in the game having double Tombstone Tombstone or double Nether Ward Nether Ward can be devastating. As well as a fully refreshed Invoker Invoker or a Terrorblade Terrorblade with an extra Metamorphosis Metamorphosis."

              This sentence makes me confused. If I'm reading it correctly, getting Agh for Phoenix is bad and you should get refresher instead?

              ?.Stock @zzo

                @balakadut: I think he means "Agh is situational, and if u have those heroes with good non-ulti abilities could be great".

                Who knows why weaver became so unpopular.. I really like it as offlaner D:


                  @balakadut: aghanims on phoenix lets you absorb your teammates like tusks snowball, except it refreshes all their abilities when egg blows up. so Terrorblades metamorphosis with its long CD would be refreshed. not actually purchasing a refresher


                    Interesting points on the phoenix. It's the hero that took me from 4k to 5.2k and I'm planning to do a YouTube guide in the next patch.

                    Whilst the Aghanims is usually very bad, you've captured the only abilities that make it worthwhile - double or triple tombstone can be much fun!

                    I wasn't actually aware that the dive and beam work in conjunction - at least, not actually damaging people to prevent blink daggers. If this is the case, then you've taught me something!


                      What about Centaur Warrunner?


                        It's pretty difficult to block with the little spiders, as you are normally under the web, which gives them free pathing if not damaged as well.

                        Conqueror Ryan Gosling

                          Is the Pheonix+Blademail+Super Nova still work?
                          The insta-2000 health burst of death?


                            No, they fixed the Blademail on Phoenix glitch a while ago.

                            Captain Buggy
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                                Beastmaster a top tier offlaner? I've been watching less pro games than i used to but whenever i do, I never see beastmaster even touched, let alone being considered a top pick.


                                  @MartinMeth EG really likes offlane Beastmaster but most of the time it got banned.

                                  He is indeed very strong, at having BKB-piercing disables, free flying ward, and an aura that is really good at pushing. His downside is, well, like other offlaner, he requires good teammates.

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                                    where is nature prophet


                                      Left in older patches. In current meta, NP is among the least-picked (and weakest) heroes.


                                        ..Upcoming dota update?
                                        WHAT I WANT:
                                        -Troll warlord base damage reduced by 40
                                        -Troll warlord base range reduced by 200
                                        -Troll warlord base HP reduced by 200
                                        -Troll warlord melee axes give +1 dmg and +1movespeed
                                        -Whirling axes apply no debuff and deal -90% dmg
                                        -Fervour increases attack speed by 2 per stack
                                        -Battle trance gives +10 attack speed.

                                        WHAT I GET:
                                        -Troll warlord damage reduced by 1.


                                          Axe isn't a top tier pick?

                                          TOP PLAYER TNC TUGUEGARAO

                                            dotabuff's blog are made by a 3k shitter


                                              Surprised you didn't mention phoenix + treant combo, which makes it basically extremely easy to get phoenix ulti off.


                                                earth spirit is the best offlaner


                                                  Morphiling can be there in the top tier offlaners , really that new meta is work , 4.25 sec stun.. and almost can tanky so hard.

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                                                  Dora the explorer

                                                    Best offlaners for me it's:
                                                    1. Earth Spirit
                                                    2. Phoenix
                                                    3. Timbersaw



                                                      Those are my main offlaner and i love going with them against trilane lol


                                                        I pretty much play Phoenix only on this account and between my other I have around 2500 games on him. This account is 5435 MMR with about a 60% win rate playing him and I face constant silencer/troll picks. Sometimes it does make it more difficult but it's all how you land your spirits and your egg position. Drop it on a cliff. If solo vs the troll or even dual land the spirits slow him in dive and egg blocking his path so he's not close enough to kill the egg instantly and it forces him into your territory and then you're cool downs are reset. Vs silencer if you're last worded make sure you don't dive. If you do you're dead. Vs a silencer you want to combo him very fast. Don't worry about landing all 4 spirits on hum and chasing him allowing his teammates to react, to in then he'll silence you and you're dead. I'm very surprised Huskar is not on the list vs Phoenix, or Meepo. Huskar is basically impossible to kill on phoenix and will kill the egg instantly without taking damage more less, and since they changed it so each Meepo clone counts as a hit on the egg he pretty much instant kills the egg also. I've had my egg at 1 or 2 seconds till impact in a game before to have a Meepo blink then poof in and instant kill it with the clones.


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