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    First for First time


      Fuck yeah!!!

      Captain Sum Ting Wong

        update kill the excitement of the game gg tangina bobo

        baby pluto

          ok boomered


            Jungle is massive!


              Literally I am just asking for lower drop chance on jungle items .

              이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다

                As a support player, now i have 0 reason why I only have a brown boots, magic wand and stacks of ward


                  The imbalance of supports and core net worth is getting worse? What?

                  Have you ever played Dota 6.xx as supp, walking around with boots wands tp obs and sent? No assist gold, no gpm talent, 135g tp, 900g flying courier?


                    а че за фраза-то?


                      @Boiledplates Ok, boomer


                        haha how funny, an ad hominem attack! wow that one really cracked me up.


                          The last sentence really got me... wp kawaiisocks, keep the good work up my friend!

                          Manic Street Preacher



                              New patch is fun af


                                I think the couriers might need a slight buff cus they move too slowly at early levels now. For patches icefrog has been trying to make courier sniping not a thing but now it's starting to become a thing again. Chinese casters yesterday were discussing about brood mid, placing webs in all lanes and just sending spiders to snipe every single courier, if couriers die gg, if people don't use couriers then item advantage before lvl 5.

                                ♥♦ GED ♣♠

                                  This game... I havent been playing for a while now, but still kept watching pro matches. Now i feel the game has changed in a way i wont be able to enjoy it as spectator. Of course i wont even try to play competitively anymore, its a waste of time for a 28yo guy whose hands are slow, but i will miss understanding pro games. RIP GED


                                    The changes are funny and encourage the community to be more toxic. Now everyone wants to jungle either it's an offlaner or pos 4. When you found the items but you would leave it in your backpack if you don't use it instead of sharing with your team. And of course when any position other than the carry goes to jungle the lane is a disaster and they simply don't know or either don't give a damn.

                                    Gachi is Manly

                                      Bruh @Reprobate, at crusader rank going jungle is a lot more viable than being a supp for someone who doesn't know how to respond ganking call. I remember back when I was still crusader, using lion support and all my jugg carry care to do is autoattacking creep eventhough I ping him to easily kill PA offlane using his spin... it is just so bad being a supp there, just focus on midgame and lategame

                                      I see that you are 94% cores, so I assume you're too entitled to understand the struggle of being a support at your rank. Now ward is free so go buy your own OBS and plant it yourself, don't be a crybaby over not having someone to blame a.k.a support.

                                      Gachi is Manly

                                        and my teammates always share the item to the one who suited most, and the item shouldn't be in backpack unless you have too much items which I don't think it's possible in early game

                                        So I can't understand your point about no one want to share and leaving it on backpack


                                          Kawai you work for dotabuff...your words have 0 effect


                                            Awesome patch !!!! Goog job icefrog/gaben !


                                              Your TI9 predict sucks

                                              Го Ебатса

                                                Dota 2 is PUBG now. Items matters - skill nope....Deleted Dota

                                                EL KABILLA

                                                  half life 3 conf... sorry i mean dota 3 confirmed