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    Spectre got nerfed to shit.. hope its buffed up again...

    Luna has totally disappeared


      Kunkka feels so terrible at the moment - he loses almost every popular lane matchup, so many popular mids and carries either don't care about his combo or have easy ways to evade it, euls is such a popular item - not to mention his damage is just unimpressive compared to almost any other hero, and his utility build is remarkably uneffective unless you're already winning. Guy has a 44% winrate or something, and I'm pretty sure it's only going to get worse.

      Rob Lucci

        Hard agree unless Dazzle pulls a necri 3 out of his ass and unless Brew pulls and early radi out of his ass they are pretty much food for the enemy team especially against this like Weaver / Spirit meta. When I see a dazzle 5 its almost as sad as a pudge/mirana 5 (devine bracket)

        Brünk Hüll

          Shadow Demon needs a buff. TA has been absent for ages. Necro is ded right now.

          Pit lord

            How about void? Once he was the most feared hero. But since the rework they massacred my boy.

            Brünk Hüll

              @Pit lord

              Kinda thought your boy would've been Pit Lord


                Why don't we do the other way arround? We nerf a bit those overused heroes and see what happens?


                  hahaha where is sven? 44% win rate carry no mention?


                    in the last patch people people learned how to ignore sven and play againts him and he was a normal hero , but days later , exactly when sven was no problem they nerfed aghanim , no more apply 1 attack , recued cast range , reduced ulti dmg , removed his good talent and make it 1400 gold aghanim shard , and sven is useless now


                      don,t forget to buff am he is dogshit before min 30


                        I agree a lot of heroes could use a buff: Sven, Void and Kunkka 150% agree. These heroes have been in the meta a couple of months ago, though, while I don't really remember Dazzle/Axe being played consistently in the last 6-8 months, it feels. There were some very succesful one-offs, but it is not the same as being in the meta. But I do have to admit I am slightly biased, since Dazzle is still my favorite hero. I wish him and Visage were back to being viable supports though, rather than situational cores.

                        West Taiwan


                          AM is supposed to be dogshit before min 30.


                            I'm sure the usual things are going to transpire with the Friday patch... The top of the top meta heroes will be nerfed hard. The heroes with the highest win rates are going to receive some nerf batting and heroes that have been under performing get the buffs. I also hope that the heroes that don't see any play see some bigger changes or buffs. There are some heroes that are not seen or heard of in this game. Especially in the shittiest of shit tiers I dwell at.

                            It is going to touch up almost all heroes most likely. And a good barometer for the "nerf/buff" balance is just looking at the overall win percentages for the hero... If it is above 50% it is going to be taken down a notch or two. And if you have a 40% win rate hero, it is going to be buffed a bit or more. It is a delicate balance and doing a massive buff to a certain hero(es) can quickly make some of the even worst of the worst heroes down right OP...

                            Now, which of the Dragon's Blood characters is going to be the new hero???

                            ๖ۣۜ White_Fury༻⚡

                              I hope they will buff Doom, cuz I tryed to play him after some time and... Yes, his ultimate counters mobile heroes, but Doom by himself is very bad and without ulti (which is having kd like ravage or black hole with cooldown reduction but never does that "wow" or "comeback potentional" effect). I cry when I see such low ms/armor/as and mana pull of frontlane hero which spamming his buttons for farm and pressure. His best winrate is on divine (46%) and on lower ranks his useless to picking (37% wr, wtf?).
                              Also, there's a couple of dead heroes in current meta: Necrophos, Gyrocopter without Io, Drow Ranger without range core heroes on team, Tiny (honestly after 10-15 min this hero does nothing even to supports and his tree and ulti never does something), Centaur, Omniknight (1 hero = 50% status res+some str, nothing else)

                              이 코멘트는 수정되었습니다
                              I'm in danger

                                I think they kinda killed sven for no reason . Nerf on aghs , shard swap and even ult dmg reduction on top of it was way too big of a nerf . Right now he seems useless . Imo he should be the one to get a buff or at least dmg on ult revert .


                                  My boy omni disappeared with the tanky af safelaners meta, and his potency as a core is just a meme.


                                    Huskar deserves a buff, hero is literally unplayable except for a situational cheese pick in the mid



                                      God fucking no, DO NOT buff Spectre. We do not need another ticking time bomb meta that pubs have no idea how to play around-- unless it's the enemy team, then they know exactly what to do to keep your team's Spectre down. Patches where Spectre is relevant are nightmarish as hell, especially since she just pushes out basically every other late game carry ever by virtue of building tons of tank stats, having Dispersion and STILL doing unreasonable amounts of damage while others have to stay relatively burst-able and focus more on damage to get anything done. I do not want to see another Spectre patch for a LONG TIME after the 55+% winrate Spectre patches we had in relatively close timeline proximity of each other.


                                        The true problem of axe is his 3rd. Before he has 20% chance to deals 110 pure damage at lvl 1. Now he has 17% chance to deals 60 pure damage at lvl 6. Its totally useless skill whatever u take it at lvl 1 or 2. And as offlaner, its so hard to get level 5 at the first 5 minute mark

                                        At late game, his 3rd absolutely doing nothing. If u aware, most of his damage come from reflective damage of his blade mail

                                        And that ulti. Nothing to say much. Its just so bad.
                                        Who has 450 hp at 40 minute mark? Even pos 5 support has 1400-1800 hp at that point

                                        RosHan Solo


                                          I think you've hit the nail on the head with Axe - the 0.4s cast of call feels so slow. The number of times i've jumped and the enemy has blinked out or moved "just" outside the radius feels/looks really bad.

                                          I think the other problem bar the Euls is the fact Tusk and MK are current meta. They are hard counters to Axe and anti-initiation. He needs a subtle buff, be it to blademail or probably more so counter-helix.

                                          @Illuminati - there's nothing wrong with his ulti, it's just about timing. A BKB-busting ulti that can kill Troll in Battletrance? Nothing wrong with that, just time it better with the threshold.


                                            All the popular heroes are not hard supports nor hard carries. It is mostly semi-carries that are useful in every stage of the game. Most players have already come to the realization that you need to be able to apply pressure at every stage of the game. Hereos like Puck, Void Spirit and Earth Spirit can do a lot of things while scaling well into the late game. There are so few alternatives to those meta heroes.

                                            beef boss :^)

                                              Also good idea to mention Faceless Void, AM and Sven who are all terrible winrate.


                                                Problem with dazzle is his cool down length. Yes that is fixed by ultimate by the time I support it's level six the laning has pretty much broken down.

                                                THE LOATHSOME DUNG EATER

                                                  Axe is pretty good if you know how to play the lane matchup and/or have a useful pos 4, if ahead you can get tier 1 in like 10 min, if not you can farm blink + bm and smoke to their carry. It's not a bad hero tbh and most of all IT'S ACTUALLY FUN TO PLAY


                                                    lina buff maybe? she has 45% winrate since beta

                                                    Fiery Soul

                                                      the thing with lina is that when he gets 47 % winrate they all go picking it and gets nerfed again, lina is never in meta.

                                                      zoi | hoodi

                                                        Dazzle with deso and ags shard pushes/farms insanely fast and can pretty quickly can apply -20 armor to the entire enemy team while doing insane physical damage + heals with poison touch, healing wave, and greaves. What might make a massive difference is lowering the cast point on Shallow Grave by a little, it seems a tad too long which leads even the best players to casting it too early or too late far too often.

                                                        Win rate isn't necessarily the best way to evaluate a hero's potential. Just look at Tiny and Lone Druid.


                                                          мда брювир канешна

                                                          Голый сларк

                                                            За Брюмастера обидно конечно, но Акс достаточно балансный, ап не нужен

                                                            Raven FN Royce

                                                              Faceless void nerfed to shit for no reason . necrophos worst hero in dota

                                                              Snabriel Snarsch☕

                                                                how about necro?


                                                                  Treant needs to be reworked back to his old Q is invis self. He was one of the best lane harassers in the game until they started redoing his abilities.

                                                                  Von Darkmoor

                                                                    Bah you all play Brewmaster wrong you need to play him like in pubbies ulti to get bonus life or escape and build everything as rightclick carty with god critts and slow 😇

                                                                    Von Darkmoor


                                                                      Agree he breda to get His old 75 mana 90 sex inviss buff so you can start invissing entire team again 👍