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Cousin Okri

    First, Easy


      “Erp derp tb and luna needs a nerf” while we have 100% win rate invoker

      Dr Bee, BZZ

        Can't wait for more Bane buffs, think he went completely unpicked in the qualifiers.


          Winter Wyvern holy locket heal is aids too


            I'm rooting for myself. Me love me.


              Bane is still an incredibly niche pick and Vale still can't don't know how to buff him into viability, despite the multiple reworks to Enfeeble and his Aghanim's upgrade. Maybe some day...

              Lvl 100 Wynaut

                In the hands of a player like Topson? He is way overrated and Miracle is a way better invoker player imo


                  I guess I must have dreamt that Topson is one of only 5 ever 2-time winning TI players....


                    "ubiquitously" really? Don't try to cover up your hollow article with useless complicated words buddy. Almost no one speaks English as their first language in here anyway.


                      @Xspercter8 I am not a native speaker either, I was born and raised in a Russian-speaking country and we take pride in how rich our vocabulary and literary history is. I try to apply the same principles I was taught in Rus. Lit to English language, where every word has a purpose and place, and every sentence junction has a perfect fit.

                      "Ubiquitously" is a cool word and it was a perfect fit for the message I was trying to convey.

                      Jugo Boss

                        @KawaiiSocks I agree, also people can simply google search the words and enrich their vocabulary, you are doing great in being deliberate in the way you write.

                        Map control daddy

                          I logged in just to say how hard @KawaiiSocks owned @XSpecter8 with his reply. Well done.